Audi R8 Plus vs Renault Clio Cup racecar | evo TRACK BATTLE

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Audi R8 vs Renault Clio Cup: a bit of a one-sided track battle, surely? Not in this case. The V10-powered R8 plus may enjoy a 322bhp advantage in the Renault’s company, but this is no ordinary…


roywhiteo5 says:

does audi still make a v8 r8? i havent seen a non v10 r8 video in years

James B says:

I baffled by the laptime Clio made. Can slick-tyres really add 300HP to
your lap times?

Spyros Fougias says:

That’s not the V10 plus. V10 plus has double clutch gearbox.

dailyforman says:

now put slicks on Audi….

den525 says:

The Clio probably cost more than the R8… so yea

AudiDriven13 says:

Why did he keep saying the R8 has 542hp, it has 550hp

Chrstian mrclep says:

R8 is now a Supercar?… It´s a Sportscar last time i saw it..

Leo S. says:

Nice now pick up a victoria’s secret super model in that clio… They will
probobly just laugh at you. Yes yes clio is faster car around corners but
people ain’t buy R8 for track, it’s also a status symbol of i got money
bitches. Remove all those nice comfy seats and put in low weight racing
seats, remove all the dash and trims and covers of interior just like in
clio. I bet the R8 will do under 1 min.


Is the Clio RWD or FWD?

Metal says:

Does that R8 actually have a manual transmission? :o

Pandemonium Lig says:

Renault Sport/Alpine forever ! ^^ and more it is less expensive than a
supercar for more fun on track…

Kr Dz says:

I was cheering for the clio

niksarass says:

Mégane RS, Clio RS, RCZ-R, DS3-R, French hot hatches are the best for
circuit and curves

Damien W says:

Is anyone else more shocked that the Audi beat the Clio?

DumbDuck44 says:

This is the DUMBEST comparison video I have ever seen. Anyone that has
EVER even so much as autocrossed knows that the very most number one
important factor in track speeds are TIRES. The hatchback is running
track slicks, the R8 street tires that are meant to last 50K miles and run
at cool temperatures.

If you’ve never run real slicks before, we’re talking about ones designed
to last a race (or only half a race with a pitstop) versus tires that are
meant to last years, then I a suppose you could fall for such BS.

HandsomeAlex25 says:

I love that the R8 he’s running has a proper open gated manual.
*Click-clack* Beautiful.

Szabolcs Gergely says:

That mechanical click when he’s changing gears is such a pleasing sound :)

sugarsaint says:

Race car keeps up with super car on twisty tight short RACE track?


ianiva says:

Love these battles! Also love the shifting sound of that manual gearbox!

N1GHT5 says:

But a supercar it is not.

Scrustle says:

Wow. I was expecting the Clio to be fast, but not that close. That’s

fe1138lix says:

So many comments about the manual transmission. As far as I know officially
you only get the 7-speed double clutch gearbox in the Plus, but if you ask,
Audi will put the manual 6-speed in the car

Sarin Murlidar says:

Ugh those specific wheels on the R8 are so ugly! I like the wavy 10 spoke
one though

ruskeee says:

+EVO If it’s not too much trouble, could you post the time of both cars
together at the end? Thanks

Connor M. says:

Would just love to point out that the Continental Sport Contacts on the
V10+ are complete garbage for track work when it comes to setting lap
times. Car needs at least Michelin Pilot Super Sports or the other P Zeros
on which the other R8′s come with. Any road legal track tire or aggressive
summer tire would’ve made a significant impact on the R8 here, opening the
gap even more so.

vector409 says:

that clio is massive

gaz0044 says:

Quite impressive really, tight track or not. 

vivalaphill says:

the metallic clicking when h shifts in the R8 *.*

Sarkazmo Loafy says:

Very interesting match up. I knew it would come down to the length of the
straights. If the Audi was allowed to stretch its legs then it would win,
if the course had shorter straights then the Clio would take it with its
sticky tires and race car handling. Luckily this track has a great balance
of straights and twisties to make this a very close battle! I’d love to
see more comparisons like this. Great job, Evo!

Nue Rroku says:

Race car always gonna win vs road car despite the big hp gap,if only the
road Clio was a bit like this instead of that Golf Gti bullshit type hatch.

Andrew Mckay says:

Reminds me of a day at Blyton when a crappy stripped out cheap and cheerful
Clio 172 on slicks was one of the quickest cars on track and it was worth
eff all (no offence to the owners).

bbsheppo says:

What relevance is there on these 2 cars going head to head?? Next week a
scania HGV against a mclaren P1.

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