Audi R8 v Porsche 911 v Jaguar XKR – What Car? reviews everyday supercars

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Subscribe: What Car? takes a look at what three of the most useable supercars are like to live with. Can the Audi R8, Porsche 911 and J…


maxpowers3732 says:

Why would they waste $4K on the automatic for the Porsche and nearly $10k
on the Audi for a transmission that ruins the driving experience? That
completely ruins the whole driving experience. The manual connects you to
the car and gives you better control. If they’re talking about not
throwing money away getting the manual is a no brainer.

The R8 is a great car, but the lack of storage space does seem to be it’s
weakest part. The interior seems very nice to me. I don’t know what
they’re talking about with that.

Definitely agree with the conclusion that the Porsche is the best overall
car for daily driving. 

SAFFY7411 says:

Porsche are way ahead the competition in this video. The power to weight
balance is perfect. The Audi maybe easier to drive but slower and the
Jaguar is simply disappointing.

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

The Jag is a handsome car but it just looks so outdated and even a little
old school (not in a good ‘retro’ way) in this company. I’m genuinely
surprised at how quickly it appears to have aged. It now looks like an
‘analogue’ car in a digital competition. 

iliabashel says:

ahahaha Jaguar XKR?
are you guys stucked in medieval times?
btw, despite of all I’d still take Jaguar.

Core Q says:

porsche drives 911 really go to the track a lot . but i hardly ever see any
jag and r8 on track 

Ma Art says:

My ears are hurt every time they say PORSH. 

bud bading says:

worst review ever they both choose the porsche because of favouritism i
think the porsche is super ugly, i think the best is the audi r8 and then
the jag and then the porsche (vw beetle)

Ivan Mico says:

these cars are actually not supercars, they are great fast sportscars. Some
examples or supercars: Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari LaFerrari , Mclarean
P1, Pagani Zonda, Bugatti Veyron …..

Yudhistira Hartadi says:

What happen to Nissan gtr?

Kingsley Mpofu says:

Should have used the F type instead 

steve11fox says:

A bit silly comparing a heavy luxury GT in the twilight of its model run,
to two much newer out & out sports cars.

MikeRelvasR8 says:

Wait untill the next-gen R8 is released…

Hack IDE says:

do chevy camaro and ford mustang reviews thanks

Jag-lovers says:

Porsche 911 vs. Audi R8 vs. Jaguar XKR.

Which would you choose? Does the R8 look all wrong in red? Should +Jaguar
be worried that the XKR is parked in the shadow of the 911? So many
questions, watch the video to find out what happened.

Ninja Prodigy says:

R8 all the way!

PS Warrior says:

I’ll take the R8

LDN13Y says:

Really great video :D 

Brian FitzGerald says:

The Jag doesn’t belong with the other two.

hold the chicken says:

Teenage presenters, get Steven Sutcliffe on 

chris2586 says:

Base 911 beat a XKR in a straight line is a little surprising.

gamertanafc says:

Audi all day every day the Porsche is amazing too the jag well its not on
that level simy

Harris says:

Wouldn’t class any of these as supercars

TheEryk03 says:

R8 is slower than Porsche but it looks much better, it is more special and
totally awesome.

Hamid Saify says:

So, they do a drag in puddles of water? Makes sense

Jonadam23ify says:

Seems like an odd comparison. I think an F-type would have made more sense
than a XKR.

Jess McAree says:

Astonishing. £100k worth of R8, yet no bluetooth music streaming or auto
headlights and wipers. Jeez, you get these as standard in a mid-range Seat.

dflash88 says:

i better go with the jaguar Ftype its cheaper smaller and and more

Louis Prince says:

The reason Porsche makes things like a multifunction steering wheel an
optional extra is because people like me don’t like multifunctional
steering wheels. It makes sense to leave out things that people may not
want and then letting people pay extra for putting it in, rather than
charging people for things they don’t want.

Adrian Lee says:

As the Jaguar F-Type is a convertible (at the moment), it wouldn’t be a
fair comparison, even though it is brilliant. The 911 won very easily for
one reason besides those already mentioned; it’s a much newer and up to
date car. I prefer the R8 and the XKR but they’ve been around for a long
while, getting on to around seven years since their release. And they’re
starting to get a bit old, despite the numbers of facelifts and updates
they’ve had; it seems so inevitable that the completely new versions will
be coming very soon…

Rizwan Alam says:

The audi had big water puddels in front off it so if think it made it slwer

JonM90 says:

I wouldn’t put the XKR in this test. Not in the same band.

john says:

audi 8r v10 plus would dominate. 

shakeyzbbq says:

I don’t care if the Porsche has the best ever performance or that the Audi
is easier to drive, The XKR is just too pretty for me not to pick it. Plus,
it’s a Jaaaaag ;)

Weasel4Fun says:


Steven D. Liu says:

Telling from the rear exhaust, I think it’s a Carrera S

drawdy trick says:

Great comparison review! 

bpatryk69 says:

Great review guys!

TheMegaCONARTIST says:

Bring all the new models, engines, types, but nothing beats Audi R8!

Daniel Hughes says:

Why get theese odd shapd cars instead of an every day 2013-14 camaro that
is still affordable.

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