Audi R8 V10 vs Ferrari California vs Ford Mustang

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Red Blueo says:

Your full of shit those cars arent going over 70 miles an hour a mustang
cant even get close to a ferrari unless heavily upgraded stupid

Maverick95 says:

I think is wrong that they refered to Ferrari as a “supercar”

QstyDude says:

Ferrari and Lambo is good for getting gold-digger fake orgasm pussy.

charles patterson says:

Audi is the shit 

Theo Pot says:

Every Ferrari is Stock against Stage 2 … 600 hps against 450 hps…
still the gap is not that big at 400m

Wizard Ofgop says:

The Ferrari is pretty…pretty slow.

objectdrake says:

audi 140hp more a ferrari fake start so just a shit video

Matt1995VDK says:

the audi is the best, the ferrari is the most beautiful and the mustang is
just crap 

haidar farhan says:

where the Nissan GT-R ?

Bio Hazard says:

Shelby gt500 can beat both

jerven200 says:

put the ford mustang shelby cobra 900 hk in there..0-100 km/h under 3 secoun
ds.2.7 i think..

ATB042 says:

Because you want have an extra $120K in your pocket while driving around.

ncode03 says:

Yet again, an American muscle with bigger HP lose out to a lesser HP car.

MrHierro23 says:

demasiado mentirosas estas comparaciones

ballaviking689 says:

I sure wouldn’t!! :P

Víctor López says:

lol you’re retarded

Zemjang says:

Slowest 520hp Mustang in the world.

Kyle McMillan says:

well against a California, not really, but i suppose, if it’s cheaper and
doing well, Yay for ‘Merica.

killernanny4315 says:

that California is fucking ugly lol

Anthony Gallardo says:


George Jetson says:

The Nurburgring, It’s in Nurburg Germany. Pretty famous (and infamous)
race track. Look around YT.

Syso1337 says:

no im not joking dude…even a skyline can win the mile gainst a veyron –>
everyone knows the dti-video but that’s brutally tuned and chopped
cars…gtr is good at starting and even til 200mph+ but as is said: a car
with the same weight and the same hp will run faster cuz off aerodynamic…

Kyle McMillan says:

that isn’t a stock mustang…

Arbus Californica says:

fastest: other most amazing :ferrari

Dacrazy-can says:

definetely not true race the r8 with the ferrari 458 and it will be tight ,
the launch will be won by the r8 but the diference of weight will probably
make the ferrari win , and the price i think is nearly the same

orsch99 says:

Yessss (: But i dont know if it is already be build :b ?

Hasan GS says:

Ferrari California Pussy Car ! AUDII <3

Adeum Deus says:

True that. However, ZR1 isn’t faster than ACR on the Ring…unless I missed
the announcement or something, ZR1 is 7:19 to ACR’s 7:12. Hoping the new C7
will give the Viper a run for its money tho =)

MrHierro23 says:

vean un pique venezolano para que vean la fuerza de un mustang.

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