Audi R8 V10 vs Mercedes C63 AMG vs BMW M3 ESS vs Porsche 911 Turbo S

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Следующий этап состоится 8 и 9 сентября 2012. Заказ билетов по тел.: +7 (495) 768-77-88 Подробная информация на сайте Abbreviations of Record…


Julio Pacheco says:

Beautiful black R8

23LSN says:

Может я туплю,но в последнем заезде первая пришла БМВ,а в титрах
Ауди.Объясните плз.

justin smith says:

damn that guy in the turbo can drive a 10.7 stock that impressive as hell

Der Eine says:

Okay … This was eye tests taken in Russia … of small children from
oligarchs family which have more plaque on theyre teeths than education …
Because these people can not even properly drive a wheelchair, it’s a joke
to take such serious …. Youtube Videos

nikola dimic says:

Jebite se amerikanci retardirani. M3 je pobedio mamu vaj jebem
smrdljivu,picka li vam materni,lopovska.Picke jedna smrdljive sto lazirate
trke.Asvi mi znamo da je M3 bolji,brzi,i lepsi od R8 picke jedne

miclam says:

wtf? is it a less noise race?

david avetisyan says:

bexa pobedila cheza fuflo gonyat

Mick Doohan says:

Russian Gangsters are playing with their toys

George Kuznetsov says:

На старте у С63 было 700лс, а на финише стало 600.

Filip Ruzička says:

Bmw win ;)

alvaro martinez egea says:

audi r8 mola un mogollon 

Erik Sahakyan says:

Audi R8 V10 winner

sakimano says:

C63…600 Russian hp = traps 115

So 1 Russian hp = 0.8 hp everywhere else? 

Marienbad says:

The winner is not the first one on the line. The winner is the quickest to
run 1 mile.

onurolce says:

BMW won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sinuswave says:

m3 had a supercharger and brake the full power. turbo is better

furkan özçalık says:

fucking m3 won R8 hahahahaha…. this race is fake !!!!!

CoopF81 says:

LOL a 600 hp c63 runs far better than 12′s a stock 2014 hits 11′s

hamed khalid says:

It’s all calculated based on the time reaction it’s all maths they balance
the reaction time from start till end minus and plus!

marck gohomeHardwell says:

Gano el m3 men

Vuqar Bagirov says:

Result is fault bmw wins not audi

Altin Berisha says:

Wie beschissen seid ihr der BMW liegt vor dem R8 und trotzdem gewinnt der
verfickte Ingoldstädter. Ihr scheiß Hurensöhne.

Catalin Gabriel Gradinaru says:

C 63 AMG 700 HP ??? A stock car ?? imposible ….The only thing I see is
that the Porsche 911 TS and the Merc are stock cars and the BMW and the
Audi are not.Bidaway the 911 TS is the best of all for..easily…

Abd Aziz says:

R8 is the prettiest and that wat matters to me

Jugovac02 says:

On the start merc had 700hp and when he had reached the finish line he is
on 600hp. 

佐藤涼介 says:

Sound of V10 R8 is great!!

dennica2 says:

ауди против мерина, мерин был обречен, ауди полно приводная а это при
старте большой плюс

Romans says:

Pretty sure many of you don’t understand “DragtimesInfo”
Their results {ARE NOT} based on who crosses the finish line first, but
from Each Racers start & finish. If you replay the video you can see the
M3 started before the R8, so his clocked time is already ticking meanwhile
the R8′s clocked time will start when he leaves the line. SO YES THE R8 DID

Andrew Krolikowsky says:

Besides, it’s good that the Google+ made a “escape doors” for fucking
pussies that are commenting here but do not choose to be “replied” from
another people. Fuck all of You for which comments You can’t reply!!!

CoopF81 says:

How the hell do they put up the C63 against Porsche Turbo and Audi R8?? a
bit unfair!

dvr1337 says:

amg shud always win. noob drivers

Joe Bruzzese says:

Hell yeh go bmw!!!

Rekn4Life says:

stock porsce beat a stage 2 audi R8 v10 damn…

Andrew Krolikowsky says:

I love R8. It’s so stu-pid and so hilarious car that I just love it. It
makes me laugh all the time. It’s so slow, so ugly and so unpractical that
this suppose to be the worst car ever made. 1/4mile time like my
girlfirends 360bhp 20 y.o. Impreza.
Fuck Audi, even Germans say that audi is made from that what stayed in VW
factory :)

evgenii abramov says:
Abbas Ali Iqbal says:

haha, BMW won in video. LOL

Covette Cassete says:

C63 disappointed me.

ivan dragun says:

Audi best

Hen zo says:

Mistake M3 BMW was way faster

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