Audi RS 4 Avant Test Drive – Fifth Gear

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Vicki gets her hands on the monstrous V8 estate, Audi RS 4 Avant and puts it through its paces, but is the RS4 Avant as fun as its predecessor? For more fant…


IronicalGuy says:

I am happy you closed the road for the testing.
You are driving on the wrong side. :D

Darko Juricic says:
Torrey B says:

Bring it over!!!

A2892Z says:

Naturally/Normally Aspirated, The best you can get.

William Seroyer says:

dear god I wish we could have this in America, but for some reason
Americans, “I.e. not me” hate wagons.

s lvt says:

Rs4 vs rs6

Stephen Thompson says:

oy ….Vicki you slow down ….looks like some one had a good day ….
Thats a fast dog kennel !!

Javier Mendoza says:

I think I’m in love with you vicky, you are awesome. 

mkm282 says:

I love this car and I love Vicki. However in this review she spoke as if
it’s an Audi promotional video. She didn’t talk much about the negatives
which makes the review seem incomplete. Lovely car though

kHaliffa94 says:

I know this lady is someone’s mum ….but the boobs are just jiggly lol 

phijef89 says:

U.S. version?

Sidney Grimes says:

Those fender flares are awesome, reminds me if the original Quattro.

jenny from japan says:

revs to 8250? bmw already did that in 2006 with their v10 m5, and in 2008
their v8 m3 screamed to 8400rpm.

Eff Dinero says:

Estates (wagons) are the best too bad the rest of the U.S. don’ feel the

Eric Marzucco says:


SnazzyVideos says:


Sickestonesriders MinistryClub says:

450hp on a 4.2 V8 with no turbo or supercharger… where did Ford go wrong?

ToxicDonut81 says:

Why would you wear a short-sleeve shirt when your arms are this fat? :(

Ayhan Salim says:

Porsche 911 territory ? U fuckin kiddin me ? :D :D :D 

Sina Madani says:

Lol, I knew Inglestadt was Audi city but never knew about Frankenstein

Sickestonesriders MinistryClub says:

Damn moms sure knows her cars lol…

InsuranceRipOff says:

Well, very balanced car for a family. Hope quality is good.

David Hee says:

Presented by +Fifth Gear 

NZsarge1 says:

Vicki is lovely as ever, nice review, like the RS4 but the RS6 is probably
my style, perhaps even the S8 while I’m dreaming…

Jerry Arsenault says:
TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Things that go vroom……

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