Audi RS Q3 review

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We drove the new Audi RS Q3 with 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo engine! And welcome to our Autoblogger channel. For suggestions or ideas, please sent an email to You can also…


ProteanView says:

It’s like a souped-up Yugo or Daihatsu. That just looks too down-market for
an Audi. If you put a jet engine into a Yugo, it’s still a Yugo. If Audi
wants to ‘RS’ something, add an ‘R’ to the SQ5. …and it’s time to update
that interior dash.

alpha rover says:

We don’t even get a Q3 in USA, not to mention a Q3 RS.
But I feel bad for my overtaxed homies from NL… forced to pay 76,000 €
for that. Your country really doesn’t want you to drive sports cars haha.
Here in USA you could get a Q5 prestige Quattro with 333 horsepower for
only $ 61,000 or
even an Audi RS5 with 450 horsepower for only $ 70,000.
(76,000€ = 103,000 USD)

Stephen N says:

Since the A3/RS3 share parts (in terms of MQB) to that of the Q3/RS Q3, it
wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Audi developed this car to hold off Audi
RS fans until they develop the new RS3. 

Rick Bakker says:

Leuk bakkie weer

Sale_Shark says:

Thanx for the English Subtitles !!!
76,000 Euros and it doesn’t even have another exhaust pipe on the other
side for it’s looks and symmetry, come on Audi, stop taking the wee-wee !!!

BarryEssex says:

POS Audi

Navr78 says:

Wanneer spuugt ie die hete aardappel uit

edin cirkic says:

RS Q3 hahah doe even normaal totaal geen sport auto dit is gwn puur
zakelijk om alleen geld te verdienen kut auto hoord geen eens RS badge te

Ingmar van Dongen says:

leuke video boys en first
ik kijk altijd met een glimlach naar jullie filmpjes. 

18iser says:

20% minder cylinders ik zat al te rekenen lol. 

Wim Boeren says:

2 seconden en ik weet al, dit is Wouter weer. Knallen in gravel.

BarryEssex says:

20% minder cilindertjes. Maar ook! VW geld!

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