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evo’s Henry Catchpole tests out the new Audi RS3 Sportback.


Zied Masmoudi says:

morale of the story: only in those condition (-21C) you can stop an Audi
from understeering

Connor M. says:

Excited for a Focus RS vs RS3 vs A45 comparison/track battle

Mylo Zicbo says:

5 cyl makes great sound, so different from anything else

Stefan Wojcik says:

Looking forward to the TTRS, still would prefer a RWD 5 cylinder coupe…

Tim Zabel says:

Damn, this R5 engine sounds almost like a V10…love it

Mumbo Jumbo says:

This.. Actually looked quite good. I am surprised!

William Seroyer says:

Oh hey look another awesome fast Audi avant not coming to America! 

WorldSupercars says:

Wow, it sounds and looks absolutely awesome! It now has this angry RS6
looks that I love! 

Daniel McKenna says:

Oh this is beasty!

James B says:

If the RS3 was available as a saloon, then it’d be a resounding YES! Seems
a bit of an own goal by Audi. The S3 Saloon is SO much nicer to look at
than the S3 Sportback. S3 Saloon looks with that gorgeous 5 cylinder
Gallardo Lite soundtrack?! Yes please!

However, I presume Audi are concerned that if they offered an RS3 saloon,
it’d detrimentally affect sales of the RS4? 

capturedbytee says:

A coupe who’ve been awesome.

TheFunkyair says:

I couldn’t find what is better than Golf R with this RS

Chrstian mrclep says:

Now Henry, back and make some more X-MEN movies. :)

anotherone10 says:

Glad they kept an inline 5, sounds amazing :D

ankbrq says:

Preferable over A45 due to superior gearbox and classier 5 cylinder engine
but i have no doubt that it will understeer like a pig in high grip
surfaces, and will offer a joyless secure handling chassis.
“That car is an massive improvement over old model” argument is pointless,
well a new A3 1.4T is an improvement over that old shitty RS3.

Michael Goodwin says:

Why is it ALWAYS manufacturers like Audi that feel they have to showcase
their vehicles on snow circuits? I really really hope its not a failure
like the last one. Just give me something that turns in sharply and doesn’t
under steer like a cow on roller skates and I’ll go buy an Audi,. The
recepie is there, the soundtrack is good. Just hope its even remotely
engaging for a change. 

Peter Pan says:

Here it is: The new RS3. …. With the inline 5 it sounds absolutly
stunning. The new RS3 looks much more aggressiv now than the previous
model. I think all the RS-Models should have this aggressiv look …. I do
not like it – I love it! :-)

Gregory Lopes says:

This NEEDS to come to the USA as in its sportback form, but it probably
won’t. Sad. :(

DubG_07 says:

Best sounding hot hatch for sure ! Love it

GallardoFreak888 says:

Almost sorta sounds like the Audi/Lamborghini V10 on idle and once you
build the revs up to a certain point! thats soooooooo wicked!!!

lightningstealthmc says:

oh shit. all i hear is that lambo v10. and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sher Maistry says:

Evo magazine goes to cold and snowy Finland to play with the new +Audi
South Africa #AudiRS3.

Qais Alehremi says:

Do the tt rs will come with manual gear box

Anwar Ali says:

This is a big release, a little more excitement wouldn’t go amiss. I guess
it was way too cold for that!

Torrey B says:

I really wish this would make to the United States…what a beauty !

savvas Quattro says:

that face at 6:59 hahahahaha

bnumber8 says:

I don’t think it looks like an RS trim. It almost looks like the TSI
equivalent in the golf line. Just not mean enough. 

Steven Vandenbrande says:

A lot of Audi S/RS haters seem to be missing a very important point of
view. People who buy Audi S/RS cars use them on a daily basis, these are
not pure track-day cars but every-day cars that can be used on a race
track. This also means a compromise between sportiness, comfort and
usability. I have been driving a 2009 Audi S4 for the past 4 years. My
experience with the S4: yes it oversteers and it will never ever oversteer,
no an Audi S4 is not a good track-day car, yes the steering isn’t superb,
but I still love it as a daily car. Audi S and RS cars are all about grip
and usability in all weather conditions. If you opt for variable
suspension, they offer comfort when you want it and a stiffer suspension
when you need it. Will the RS3 be different? Let’s just wait and see how it
drives on tarmac!

neilobusk says:

The headlights never point the direction you should be going…..

Joel deSanto says:

Holy Hell Henry, you lucky dog. Just when we start getting excited about
the R/S3 this shows its ugly face!

bign3ck says:

Fast yet boring, like all Audi’s. 

Del Johnson says:

5 Door only? That’s just wiped out 1/3 of potential customers.

Stefan Skyman says:

first rs4 had 2.7 l 6 cyl engine and 380 bhp and was aprox 50 k euro (full
version) , after 15 years they invented rs3 come with 2.5 l 5 cyl engine
and 360 bhp with a cost of 80 k euro ( full version) … there are 30k euro
for more plastic , leds and stupid people who pay for
this …

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