Audi RS4 420ps 0-200

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Audi RS4 2007 0-200km/h sprint, and some noise in a small tunnel :))


Geri Grasso says:

0-200, or 230?

Kais3r2001 says:

Recorded with a potato

Agathorn says:

A few seconds slower 100-200 then my stage 1 BMW 135 :)

mad4tar77 says:

100km-160km in approx. 5 sec. That is seriously quick by any standards. You
have to move towards Ferrari style supercars to get much quick than that.

McLarenMercedes says:

Respect. Thank you. Some people who record their speedometers use their bad
mobile phone cameras and you can’t see nothing. I love the Audi RS4. What
an engine!

slineB7 says:

Ja Ja Ja… immer die schönen Autos von Europcar verheizen… RS4 = Macht

Ricardo Bastos says:

Fast fast fast!!!

Jeffrey Middelveld says:

Louis zieke auto man, hoe kwam je daar aan? Als je ooit weer zo’n 420pk RS4
hebt, houd je me dan op de hoogte? Heavy, ik wil ook eens in zo’n
terminator mee racen =D

nielsboex says:

My car does 1-100 in 12 seconds lol .

newmanpet says:

my dream car… btw. great video

dulakoglu says:

transmission changes are very slow ?

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