Audi RS4 Avant esate expert car review

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Find out more about the Audi RS4 Avant here: Jon Quirk re…


INFOKingTiger says:

Still have an RS3 over this :P

Auto Trader says:

With electro assisted steering dominating most new car set-ups, ‘feel’ is a
difficult but worthy discussion. We drove the car from Germany back to the
UK and on a mixture of A-, B- & motorway the dynamic steering worked well
especially considering it’s supporting a four-wheel drivetrain and in
everyday guise, this is an estate car that weighs 1795kg. On road or track,
it’s a wonderfully sounding weapon with a brilliant powertrain that would
be a pleasure to own > Jon Quirk (AT Editor-in-Chief)

Colin Lavery says:

U been smoking ? Rs4 all day long

freshjnew says:

My God it is so beautiful. I think the new styling looks best in blue.
Looks angry and has the grunt to back it up. I wish they would send it to
US. It would sell very well.

2007TypeR says:

Every other journalist on the planet is saying the dynamic steering is
fucked and destroys the cars feeling.

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