Audi RS4 Avant video review –

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The new Audi RS4 has a lot to live up to; its predecessor is still vaunted as one of the best RS cars ever. Can the new 4.2-litre V8, four-wheel drive RS4 Av…


notformebeaky says:

I could punch this guy all day long. 

fretbored1974 says:

saw the phantom black version of this! gnarly!

Yvette T says:

Wish they sold this in North America. Driving this through the Rocky
Mountains would be incredible.

James T says:

I hate this wanker

Greg Worthington says:

The new Audi RS4 has a lot to live up to; its predecessor is still vaunted
as one of the best RS cars ever. Can the new 4.2-litre V8, four-wheel drive
RS4 Avant impress?

Rowan Heard says:

Why do you hate the TTRS?

Alec D. says:

Of course that’s true and I’m not against having the choice. Obviously,
choosing between a softer and stiffer ride is good, like having a sport
button. But having five different settings for the gearbox, three different
settings for the steering, and a thousand different ways to configure the
car is far too much is it not? I think at that point, like on modern BM’s
and Audi’s, it’s just something else to worry about and it can’t alter the
car’s character that much anyways. Why bother?

Alec D. says:

I hate that Audi doesn’t build a sports sedan to be brilliant when you buy
it anymore, and neither does BMW. You have to setup everything through the
car’s computer. It’s not really a problem you have to be a purist to see,
but it just seems like the engineers are getting lazy by not setting up a
car from the factory that can be as good a car as they hope you’ll be able
to configure it to be.

itsalex687 says:

what a negative nancy

lukas87231 says:

why does he loathe the ttrs….he gave it a glowing review when he did the
‘meet the ancestors’ a couple years ago…makes no sense.

Superthing meme says:

Sold my bmw for a Rs4 Love the Rs

aliendeathmonkey says:

ok so this was just a really bad copy of what Chris Harris did last week on
Drive :/


well done audi for keeping a big v8!!!

00haze says:

Yeah I’m not sold on variable steering at all that’s a control you want
consistency in if you ask me, and I accept the German’s probably take it a
bit too far sometimes with the number of options. On the whole though I’m
thankful variable damping and such exist and as long as the fundamentals of
the car are right, they’re a positive addition and represent proper
dorsprung dursch technik !

Dyflinn says:

This was a good review. Lovely car.

IGotNuked says:

I don’t mind Autocar’s reviews, but there seems to be a fascination with
talking quickly and cutting camera shots early to get the videos under 5
minutes. This is YouTube, not a 30-minute TV show which has to cram in as
much as it can. Make the videos 20 minutes long, feel free to go off on a
tangent or work in a long backstory, and bring in some rivals to compare it
to. We’re at a point now where some guy driving round for 4 minutes reeling
off a bullet point list isn’t good enough.

Morris Kramer says:

wooowwwww thats a beautiful car!

Ilan Vardi says:

Please explain why you would prefer a manual transmission over a manual
transmission with perfect automated double clutching.

Artemiy Pavlov says:

A gorgeous-looking AWD V8 estate that goes sideways? I just jizzed in my

yyyy2999 says:

looool truee true

00haze says:

You see, Clarkson line again. Maybe you don’t understand, they set it up 10
times when they built it with differing ride/handling compromises and you
get to choose which one you prefer. It’s harder to make 10 than 1,
obviously? In this case none of the 10 are particularly good going on the
reviewers comments but that’s another story entirely; this anti electronic
chassis settings thing is totally unjustified except if you’re a lanky bald
idiot on TV looking to stir up controversy.

Artemiy Pavlov says:

Yes, I would go for an AMG V8 above everything :-) It’s so ridiculously
cool and fun. And time has proven to me that you don’t need AWD if you have
proper tires and not drive above the speed limit.

TheEryk03 says:

such are the british automotive journalists…fuck just to be “cool”

Artemiy Pavlov says:

Sir, I am grown-up enough to have a good vocabulary. Would “come”,
“ejaculation”, or “romantic liquid explosion” satisfy your very respected
self better?

LP640Murcielago says:

Im so pissed off about the gear box. WHERES MY MANUAL

Sale_Shark says:

If you shut your eyes they sound the same !!!

Artemiy Pavlov says:

Self-employment is best :-) It’s hard but the sky is the limit, not the
ceiling of your company’s office :-)

mrzkhan1 says:

thats where the M5 touring comes in ;) .. and completely eats the RS6 avant!

Mart vision says:

s-tronic is a double clutch gearbox you moron…

ADD8oi says:

Lmao…you’re so mad over the internet. He simply said he liked the car.
Does that offend you so much? Cry me a river kiddo

TheClubshaker says:

C63 AMG is best, rear wheel drive FTW

leadfoot driver says:

i want swb audi quattro turbo

MrAlfgren says:

6.2 is the Mercedes engine. The Audi engine is 4.2

vitto says:

pish posh kid..

SuperleggeraGuy says:

I love sleeper wagons!

geforce5700fx says:


frozen says:

Grow up. lol.

ADD8oi says:

It’s an Audi…not a Lamborghini you twit

anjoLas says:

usa = u mad ? xD

hunker8 says:

Audi is one of the best brands out here at the moment!!!! Just try google
this – Audi A4 Best of All Classes in DEKRA Used Car Report… This guy
have small knowladge about how Quattro works, and looked to me that he is
not a good driver…

g4meplayonly says:

Yeah but i mean if you want something in the Price Range from an M3 or RS4
and you need space for family or something u can only choose the rs4 avant.
it would be great to see an M3 Touring someday!

james kang says:

hope you get it someday man!

jpsr20det says:

The problem with this car is the torque…. The should have put the new
turbo motor that is on the s7….

Elmar La Reine says:

Slow down man, the road is wet and slippery…LOL

rudiratte1 says:

thats like saying don’t buy the rs4, buy the rolls royce phantom instead,
it’s a better car

Artemiy Pavlov says:

I am 31, I have my own business since 2005 and I am not that far away

MikeRelvasR8 says:

If I were very rich I would buy this RS4. I was waiting for this review for
so long! Thanks Autocar!

HAVeaN57980 says:

The license plate is RS 4 :p

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