Audi rs4 (b7) vs Mitsubishi Evo 9

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Audi RS4 b7 stage 2 ( décalaminé ) ???ch VS Mitsubishi EVO 9 360ch départ en 2 à 50/60 km/h la RS4 loupe le passage de sa 3eme vitesse ( 15eme seconde )


Jim Keveson says:

To the person that said the evo is a corners car, the RS4 is also a corners
car. It would probably wreck the Evo on a track as well. Not hating so I
don’t need a million replys from the keyboard ninjas.

Sismic says:

Now take the Rs4 B5 2.7 V6 vs the Rs4 B7… And say bye bye to the shittest

JukiReviews says:

Lancer Evolution is just a 20k$ cheap family car mounted with a fast
engine, meanwhile RS4 is really art of engineering and beautiful car in
every aspect. Just Google picture of Evo’s interior and you’ll understand
what I mean. I still think Evo is a cool car but can’t compare to RS4.

jalopnikerd4005 says:

LOL @ the 1970s style manual gear changes. Slooooooow.

Nacho Miranda says:

for a small 4 cylinder…i think that´s a win

Oscar Radikoro says:

germans are struggling with japan 4.2 V8?!?

Logan Sefcik says:

Naturally a 4wd or AWD vehicle will suffer from understeer. But as far as
the video goes that was straight drag. Audi would have been gone sooner but
I’ve driven one. The engine is mounted on the nose in front of the front
axel so it’s almost lumpy but in a drag being so damn heavy that’s why it
was behind for a bit. I’m not putting the Evo down but the audi rs models
aren’t being discontinued. Evo x is the last one to be built

Κανεις Κανενας says:

Common guys it is an Audi RS4 of course it would take the evo on a straight
Evo actually did pretty well if it stock, which i don’t think!!!

Fred-Richard Saueauk says:

Audi says bye bye to trash car mitchubishi

Pols Petrovs says:

Respect AUDI!!!

IntoTheAbyss01 says:

AUDI RS4 B7 is the BEST

Khanye Ngwenya says:

lol, there’s no replacement for displacement… 

Giwrgos Pervolaridis says:

too many gear changes for the evo… :/

call911ok says:

that evo gotta have mods.


Audi powwar munn

Chad Andersen says:

sounds like a buick

MrRogelan says:

There was not competiton. AUDI RS4 COME FROM ANOTHER PLANET.

Ju Sang Yoo says:

Lean forward to go faster

Martin Allen says:

That’s a surprise. The B7 RS4 isn’t even all that quick IMO.

jesse saldivar says:


Jan-Niel Louw says:

bah! torque! Would like to buy a RS4 B7 as a weekend car…. the B7 will
always be one of my most loved Audi shapes!!!!

scousehead says:

Audi RS4′s are quite easily one of the sexiest cars ever made

alex sienkiewicz says:

the evo was obviously tuned, if it wasn’t the b7 would of pulled a lot

TheMilkyWayStudio says:

was the evo tuned ? 

Savvas Ekt says:

SUre…. hahaha audi 4.2cc…. vs evo 2.0cc…. good job ..

Χρηστος Δαμασιωτης says:

2.0 vs 4.2

Dravis Daniels says:

That Evo can’t be stock, imposoble.

Kenny B says:

no replacement for displacement

Στέφανος Σαφαρίδης says:

of curse its an AUDI.

MrAcme15 says:

So close. :P

John Rosafort says:

and…….the evo still lost bahahaha. was going into this thinking maybe
the evo will win Power<>Weight…. love the RS4 Audi FTW!!!!!

sub7even1989 says:

в ево водитель и 2 пасажира, в ауди водила и 1 пасажир

DuBstep115 says:

40 000e vs 18 000e :D

leonard de vera says:

Dude this is bullshit.. put them on track that audi is no match …

Игорь Петриченко says:

audi 450 vs evo 280

Maksim Leif says:


ThePlotDevice says:

The truth in engineering(audi)

JU CA says:

One for Audi

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