Audi RS4 vs Police (French)

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Drug Runner (Audi RS4) vs Belgian Police.


ich eben says:

Good player

c3dric says:

The best pilot of Belgium !

Hélios Loki says:

For the stupid guys : France is not alone to speak french.
A part of Switzerland speak french as a part of Belgium or Canada. And
Belgium is not a part of France, this is a country. 

George Linn says:

PFF… armature… Need to watch the movie “Predator” and get familiar
with the heat imaging technology. If you would have ditched the car,
rubbed mud allover your body and stayed still with your back up against a
river bank for 2 hours your would have been OK!

Stiven P says:


Bill Kelsoe says:

wow Audi really does impressive vehicles.

Tony montana says:

Belgium not French.

Harvey Mushman says:

Who loves the dubbed in tire screeching sounds?

wumbolt hammel says:

lol thats normal speed on autobahn. not even fast. its just normal

Roberts Gudkovs says:

he watched “Taxi”

Echipa SG says:


thm4855 says:

stupid, just stupid, and the music on top of this frogeaters language was
ThM – Norway.

Lucas Vinícius says:

This Guy Is A Good Pilot Poor That He Is Criminal! Would A Good Pilot To
Catch Thieves In Chases!

Bole Gajin says:

Audi FTW!!! 

Onur Yıldırım says:

just get a subway train

Nikola Tsvetkovski says:

He had a chance in the tunnel but adrnalin rush is a motherfucker

SpeedFireARL says:

idiot, go to the city to the subway station, throwing the car. leave the
train at the mall. call the police, saying the car was stolen from the
parking lot. (sorry for my english)

lucas aulenbacher says:

8 00 minute il gere

Zeno SPP says:

Is a S4 B5, not an RS4…

cortex71 says:

ouch 05:00

Robert Feraud says:

il conduit bient

Christian Bryan says:

I’ve been watching the video for 6 mins ad Im already bored… can anybody
tell me why was this guy driving like crazy in first place???

Karol Lepeto says:

trying to escape a helicopter in a car… truly a “genius”

Akswin Jeyakumar says:

Audi rs4

SukaHati Akuler says:

Oh shit…now they saw what I am doing. …can’t masturbate freely. …give
back my frreeeedom…hahahaha

maher laasmi says:

fuite d’une audi rs4 de la police

Artanno62 says:


Juan Diaz says:

No rs4

jutubaeh says:

run to the hills eh forest apply che tactics and… ´escape´ ! 

ExiledCarebear says:

haha the helicopters worst enemy…………….. WATER muahahahahahaaaa

Vincent Denel says:

à 4min, tu la vois la voiture blanche ou tu veux que je vienne te la
montrer? avant de faire le méchant avec tes commentaires idiots, regarde
toute la vidéo !

NEMESIS941 says:

c’est quoi comme audi? RS4? c’est trop puissant RS4! xD

jarodevryday says:

Le pilote de l’hélicoptère pète les plombs !!!

ludo m says:

la volaille de merde

motoman22atgmail says:

So many families put in danger, what a jerk! Very glad it ended well and
kudos to the police for a job well done.

FuckinAnonymous says:

Genre en plus de la caméra embarquée de l’hélico, il y a une caméra qui
filme les pilotes et un autre hélico pour filmer l’hélico. Normul

hellfighter199 says:

with an RS6 he could get away id say^^

84theway77 says:

Audi, best car

Li Ackam says:


Adam Fry says:

Stupid sound effects!

Synthiotics says:

Belgium is not in France last I checked. And while the pilots might speak
French (about half the country does), this was over the Flemish
(Dutch-speaking) part of Belgium, near Antwerp.

artyparis says:

Oui, payons toujours plus cher pour Apple. Ils font peut-être de bons
produits, mais ils font certainement les plus chers. Et certains en

xenomorphelv426 says:


meco mlamg says:

aie aie aie l adrenaline trop fort

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