Audi RS4 Vs Speed Mountain Climber (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 7 – BBC

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Jeremy’s in the French alps, trying to prove the rapid versatility of the Audi RS4 by betting two speed climbers he can do 60 miles before they can climb 1,2…


Sean Kagan says:

2008:Jeremy say James’s Audi is slow 2014: Jeremy says that an Audi is
better than a BMW M3 :P 

Lars Johnson says:

Their sound editor is deaf

shottybeatssword says:

The music is waaay too loud in this : / can barely hear jeremy at times

RedLandGaming says:

Some say that he was born deaf
And that one day he sold all of his speakers to a kid for 10 lousy pounds
All we know is, he’s the top gear sound editor.

Badealzaman Gulzaman says:

I have a dream, that some day TopGear will upload in HD (720p)

Jonathan Seni says:

Wish he knew what was about to happen! hahaha!

Crystal Roux says:

Audio guy is doing his job we hear.

MidnightTheWolf1997 says:

What is that music in the beginning?

TheClawGaming says:

Some say that he is even more than deaf and that he eats everybody who
wants to fire him. All we know is that he is called the Top Gear Sound

Thomas Thrane says:

whats that music at the end?

Audi Lannion says:

VIDEO : Audi RS4 Vs Speed Mountain Climber ! Audi RS4 Vs Speed Mountain
Climber (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 7 – BBC

Mirjam Zantinga says:

Does anybody else think that that climber guy seems like kind of a twat? 

Pete Brown says:

The camera man getting the hand-hold close-ups and top-down shots beat them

Gideon Mckee says:

i had the same dream

osamaFXX says:


Samuel Spiller says:

I must have this music! Someone please tell me what it is!

Gideon Mckee says:


Drake Dusterhoft says:
vubevube says:

haha that sign at 5:50 :D prelude to what was about to happen. love it :)

Razvan Culea says:


Cars says:

This is fantastic!

rborsibor says:

Leo Houlding…THE MAN!!!!!…(the best to the best!..)…poor RS4!!!!

Desolations102 says:

How about an strait race, if it makes the climber feel better he can run on
all fours 

didek9625 says:

some say that he’s deaf… all we know they call him the audio guy lol

Emilija Lazarova says:

Audi RS4 Vs Speed Mountain Climber (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 7 – BBC

Henry Pearce says:

Sound engineers need to be shot :P 

lecircuit22 says:

Es4 better than an m3 JOKE

degnaw says:

Why does he say they’re going up without ropes when they’re clearly on a

Huw Cunningham says:

The music was never actually meant to be there. If you watch the original
episode there is very little music on the tape. Whoever uploaded it put the
music there separately, and this meant they could not alter the separate
voices volume etc. Thought I would explain it…

Joe Viana says:

Audi RS4 Vs Speed Mountain Climber (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 7 – BBC

deathcheetah says:


farres srouji says:

12 hundred feet in 26 seconds !! Thats slow .

Luke Dorfmann says:

Please sack your audio guy!

Atish D'Mello says:

Rofl.. Nice one says:

nice comparison, but better car vs plane :)

Luc Lapierre says:

But they do have safety ropes…

Guilherme Melo says:


keyboardwanker1 says:

a lot of old deaf senile people commenting

James Gordon says:

Once again the sounds guy messed it up again

zr1rocks says:

I’m pretty sure the Audi won on the way down

Musa Darweesh says:
Josh G says:

why is the sound always so bad cmon

Moochewmoo says:

Oh my god the audio balance in this is kinda out of wack.

The Gonz says:

Mountain guy cheated he used a parachute so the mountain guy came last in
the 2nd race

James Biddington says:

Rock climbing is fun and faster than a car.

gelbworld says:

Why the hell do you have to turn the music so LOUD while one of the
presenters is speaking (on all youtube episode segments!) This is stupid,
really. Try to understand Clarkson around the 2minute mark for example WTF
i hate this

I love TG but your sound editing for Youtube is crap all the way

Sage Wysocki says:

How is it that Top Gear has some of the best production, and some of the
worst at the same time.

Jackie Ly says:

Hahahahahahaha lol

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