Audi RS4

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The new 2007 Audi RS4 is the top-of-the-line vehicle in Audi’s popular “four series”. We decided to take this 420 hp monster out in to a dried lake bed for s…


mamia sanikidze says:

7:00 wtf? clutch broke down ??? o.0



Kay Voyager says:

@hohoman16 Hemstock & Jennings – Mirage , i was looking for it for a long
time too.

Elena V. Siyanko says:

So, the Audi RS4 does 155 mph and costs 71K. The Infiniti G35x does 160 mph
and only costs 35K…go figure.

wideangle852 says:

Agreed fail test . . who would destroy a car by driving on sand except
fucking Arabs . . .

OprisTudor says:

@jshaw6000 Amen! :)

nik722 says:

lol he broke it? Sucks. Clutch went to the floor

kampot1989 says:

My Dream

hohoman16 says:

@Kayvoyager dude,thats a bunch man,ive forgotten about it cuz it has been
so long,haha but nonetheless i really really appreciate it thanks

Ken Dgezta Arok says:

150mph on the DESERT!,wow..great!,

stephen singleton says:

Today i drove this car for the first time while working for audi. This car
destroys any challenger…too fast….wait until the 2013 version.

Frank Ruiz says:

audi quality> quantity cars built with chopsticks quantity >quality

wheeliewheelie1 says:

1:42. Blooper. Audi’s equivalent of Merc’s AMG and BMW’s M group is not
GmbH, it’s quattro GmbH. GmbH just means “company” in German.

8motion says:

AMG…is nice.. but the interior is not nice..Power is amazing.. but like
to have a balance of nice inside and balance of perf and raw..power. but if
you drive straight roads.. the AMG is king..for acceleration.. but then a
corvette is as well but I would not take that..over a simple moded gti..s4
or 336i 135i …get my point

zo0m14 says:

car is perfect.

alexbyczynski says:

you are an idiot its called being electronically limited, the audi is
better than the g35x in virtually every category

nipomosucks says:

I love that token Euro-dance-techno music in the beginning of the review!

stephen singleton says:

It goes 180mph with the limiter off

alexbyczynski says:

well said, european car makers understand quality, specially the germans

jshaw6000 says:

Look at the quality of the product itself not just the engine. You see,
imports are known for putting big engines in lightweight cheap cars.
Europeans on the other hand spend time on engineering and details to the
car itself which as consequence will bring the price up. Now if you were to
get in a serious accident in both of those cars you will most likely die in
the import. I feel comfortable knowng can count on European cars’ excellent
engineering to better protect my life. understand?

BoyOfSteel101 says:

@unmlobo7 Hahahaha, I was going to say the same thing but i saw that you
had it covered, so I just thumbs upped, lol.

DeViLiN888 says:

really amazing car!

aimanrs2 says:

youre damn right..hahaaha to presenter..hahaha..very limited knowledge in

MityMitch says:

i agree with jshaw….america doesnt have speed limits of 200…..the
interior is handmade……everything is worked onn hard to perfect…yea
the m3 or m5 is nice…..but i wood get this for looks for comfort for

btinder711 says:

I love a lot of what comes out of Europe, but buy do I hate that token
Euro-dance-techno music in the beginning of the review. Great car though,
and definitely more desirable than the M3 imo. Still would rather have an
AMG though : )

cadillacman007 says:

188 mph….sorry to be pedantic :)

iRret B says:

oh my he broke the clutch!!! amazing car!! I love that car!!

t ef says:

wtf 5mins of the clip, RS4 stays wtf ? its a car a car must be driven and
why the hell the guy drives on sand? who drives a RS4 on sand? Fail test,
epic car, fail test

hohoman16 says:

guys, anyone knows the song at 3:07??

unmlobo7 says:

I like how he doesn’t mention he is going 150 mph in 5th gear…when its a
six speed manual, and that it has an electronic limiter at 155mph. Way to
go Bimmer “pro” you broke the clutch because you can’t shift.

RememberReaz says:

Please don’t ever let a BMW driver touch an RS4 again. Please, don’t
torture the beautiful car like that.

AnbuDunadan93 says:

“It’s made by Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)” haha nice one

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