Audi RS5 4.2 FSI 0-259 km/h FAST! Launch Control Acceleration

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Valon Qehaja says:

bmw m4 0-100 4.1s, 0-150 7.8s, 0-200 13.5s, 0-250 24.5s
audi rs5 0-100 4.5s, 0-150 8.6s, 0-200 15.0s . 0-250 ?
m4 300km.h +
rs5 never 300km/h

Lubomir Mesaros says:


A.AlKatheeri says:

Sounds like a V10!!!

grant4life13 says:

my family are bmw fans. we’ve owned just about every bmw in the line up.
currently my father owns a bmw alpina b7 and a bmw x5 M. mother has m3 and
my sister has a m1 and i drive a m6. honestly I’m sick of them all and when
i test drove the rs5 i was blown away. sure there are some things bmw does
better but as a fast luxury daily driver, id take the rs5 

j edwards says:

it kindof sounds like the new m3

Ghlowy says:

The 2014 RS5 does 0-100 in 3.8 seconds with a chip.

päddy k says:

Nice car, but the new BMW 650i is a little bit faster 0-100 4,5// 80-120
2,6 sek. :)

AutoTopNL says:

The times in this video´s are measured more accurately than in the old
video. Thank you for letting us know. We will edit the times.

justin jalabert says:

the sound is amazing !

sillyshain says:

A V8 that sound’s like a V10… nom

Piff Man says:

Bmw e92 is NOT better. 1 aspect from the bmw is better and that’s the
handling. Looks are dated along with the interior. Performance wise there
as close as it gets. With regards to manual or paddle shift, u physically
can’t change gear manually faster. Lol and how much lighter is the m3 ,
honestly just another bunch of bmw fan boys

1010Lifesucks says:

M3 E92 better..

Brian Bailey says:

How do you do the launch control?

elyasfy31 says:

Fucking awesome!!! Is it faster than the Audi R8 V8?

Brian Bailey says:

How do you do the launch control?

Łukasz Orzoł says:

AutoTopNL, why on Your other video RS5 accelerates a bit faster than here?
Were there any differences beetwen both cars? /watch?v=CWshrAYHtkE

crazyboyfromrussia says:

its gorgeous

AutoTopNL says:

I think it is..

Drift Team Jordan says:

shifitng on 8400 8500 rpm! gotta respect this nice video!

AutoTopNL says:

they both do 15.0 to 200 km/h.. Wich we measured with a m3 using M-DCT
Launch Control

Car Nut says:

Although it’s pretty cool to have a car rev to over 8 or 9k rpm it’s not
extremely reliable for the long run despite the car being designed to do it.

test1uci says:

it is revving to 8500 !!!

mysterio77690 says:

fasttttt!!!!! love the sound and the car!!! thanks!!

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