Audi RS5 driven by

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Our verdict on the Audi RS5, the firm’s 444bhp super-coupe. Read the full review at…


jojogun1957 says:

I think the A5 is one of the most beautiful cars out there.When I see one I
can’t take my eyes off it.
I haven’t felt that way about a car,since the 86 Porsche 944 Turbo’s came

nickeroo says:

Excellent review!

Sigurjón Örn Ólason says:

Oh so professional review. Like symphony to listen to.
And my dream car now. :-)

LongtailGT says:

Steve, you seriously need to work on how loud you want to talk. I had to
turn my volume to its absolute full to hear what you were talking. Increase
your talking volume, find a better place to keep the mic or get a new mic.
I understand that its difficult to do anything else while driving such an
amazing car and trying to review it. You review really well, but if you
want people to actually listen to what you say, please talk louder. TY!

mtothem1337 says:

Let’s trade for science!

RyNiuu says:

I’d add one kidney

RisisMU says:

RS5 = Chick Magnet And that sound! +1

Prostreetcrazy says:

looks like a muscle car . Cool

ctw203 says:

@wideangle852 I may need to disagree with you here, the b5 rs4 is the best
rs4 made, the twin turbo 2.7l v6 could be built into such a beast. Also, in
my opinion it is on of the nicest looking cars still on the roads today.

radar3699 says:


eviltobias says:

Yeh, and how much is that in usd?

sovnyet says:

since when did william shatner get an english accent

eviltobias says:

Hah, yeh right.. I dont think an Audi S5 would cost that much. Learn some

killkaveh says:

want it

Max Veldhuis says:

I’d rather take the C63 AMG with the performance package. 487 hp. Take that

kiggawoo says:

If you know a dime’s worth of shit about cars then you would know that Audi
JUST started to get decent and just became a competitor to mercs and beams.
They were complete shit-hole cars while beamers WERE ALWAYS great and
efficient cars, thats like saying a pro basketball player who played shitty
all his life and finally had ONE good season near the end is better than
someone who played well throughout his entire career, EX: Kobe Bryant.

Aelazadne says:

The understeer has not been solved. In fact it is still terrible with both
Clarkson, Motortrend, and Caranddriver reporting that Audi’s attempt to
solve the understeer issue with the 2013 revision is a complete failure.

quattrings says:

IT is now. Starts in the high 60s, same as the M3 and C63

fifthgear93 says:

This guy is a prominent car reviewer. Even more though than Chris Harris.

Mahmoud Al-Masri says:

I rather my left one .. :D

Erk Bren says:

I found pretty annoying the volume of the reviewer voice…. sometimes you
cant hear a thing but when you add some volume he starts to talk like a
normal human (not wishpering)

quattrings says:

Wrong. The new RS5 starts at 67000 USD. Both the M3 and C63 are the same
price and all three are comparative in cost in the United States.

VaperBok75 says:

Ok is it my eyes, or the video… but what’s goin on with the taillights??
Anyone else spot that?

Jardo Chovan says:

scr*w you :)

Boondocksaint1PSN says:

@radar3699 Hey lets go drive your M3 in the rain or snow> Oh wait you cant
keep up can you!!

MyBoogeryBooger says:

To top the two Top Comments, I would put both of my testicles in a blender
while still attached to my body. While at it, I might as well put my willy
in there too!

Mark Struder says:

Does Chris Harris know this guy plagiarises his material

Axel Höijertz says:

Yeah very good car but BMW is my preference

methaman1 says:

quattro is for pussies, dude. awd cars are much less fun. audi = safety
over fun

audiswiss says:

I work for Audi. The car is fantastic how it is. V10 is too heavy and
physically too big for the car. Gearbox shifts 7 times faster than we can
so improves performance. Also has launch control. USA getting the car soon
so don’t worry. Retail price about £65000 for the misano red car tested
with HDD Nav and sports exhaust.

radar3699 says:

@Boondocksaint1PSN Look at Top Gear’s review of the RS5 vs the M3. The M3
was much faster on the track even though it was raining extremely heavily
and the track was soaked. It’s all about ESP. Just because it has 4wd
doesn’t mean that it’s traction control is any better than that of an M3′s

JigglyBoop says:

i wud then buy another steel ball so i complete the set because i gave my
last ball to get m3

FUCK202 says:

I will own this car one day

adnanalagic says:

@ryankalla94 BMW fanboys comment like that cuz they know this car is

Puddin Pie says:

Bloodiee haill whut a Brilliant Cahr!!

Un4givScap3 says:

Fuck off kid, Mercedes is so ugly.

TheBigGuy3380 says:

I like how the wheels look when its in motion. Would look sweet if the rims
were black with some color match in them. Prefer blue though.

Redfox says:

@TheVtieg6 Dont think so really… the Audi V8 aint that much lighter than
the v10, and so if the weight problem of 30-40 kg would arouse, i think
Audi could manage of putting the first 2 cylinders over the front axle, and
making it perfect… dont know why people allways say it will be too heavy
in the front with a different engine :X. same thing people rabling about a
S13 will be heavier with an inline 6 instead of the booring 4 it has

brunovoxxx says:

In Brazil the price is $200.000,00

byron walker says:

hot car with a nice engine note

Ferrari4Fun says:

@WrestlingDVDs777 And you write this 4 moth ago

Haydn K says:

Audi, my experiance was bad

Matthew Whiteford says:

Guy knows his stuff… I want one now!! :(

Spartan168 says:


Boondocksaint1PSN says:

@Summitshow Gas mileage does and yes unfortunately it does matter

Tim C says:

You fucking morons , a used audi rs5 2013 with 3k miles cost70k usd. Its
cpo too, 6 years 100k miles. I also checked for used m3s near by my are and
a slightly used m3 2013 also cost around 70k.. There were even some that
were 90k! So stfu saying bmw is 20k -30k cheaper. Not the fuck its not, its
same shit as the audi. But the thing is, audi rs5 does deserve 70-80k for
its beauty and performance. M3 just looks like crap, not worth 70-80k ,
maybe 50. I live in Seattle and only seen an rs5 once!!

leandro50163 says:

In 1:50 right red light dosen’t work!

Ethanmeister says:

2:55 im sorry but they only way an automatic gearbox can be as good as a
manual is if it has a clutch pedal which you have to press in “manually” so
that you can shift gears with a proper stick shifter “manually” in other
words, as far as im concerned, no autobox will ever be as good or as
awarding as a manual

FUCK202 says:

It most certainly doesn’t have more power than the C63 coupé!

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