Audi RS5 Review – One Take

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Matt takes the 450 HP Audi RS5 for a run up and down California’s second most famous road: the “Snake” on Mulholland Highway. Is the RS5 good enough to compe…


BlueBoy110311 says:

Audi RS5 Review – One Take #audi #audirs5 #audirs

Matt takes the 450 HP Audi RS5 for a run up and down California’s second
most famous road: the “Snake” on Mulholland Highway. Is the RS5 good enough
to compete with the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG? We find out, and Matt
reviews the RS5 in exactly one take.

Jakes Sake says:

this guy has no idea how to drive! And the flat bottomed steer wheel is
purely aesthetics not to get your legs under…. 

Marco Biscarini says:

0-60 is 3.9 bro….not mide 4s. Cmmn Matt =)

MrFalconfly says:

For fun on the track I’d take the M3 (fun blonde)

For some looneyness I’d take the C63 AMG (fiery redhead)

And for the everyday drive I’d take the RS5 (brainy brunette)

Vladimir Debeljak says:

mulholland highway CA; ultimate road for car fanatics! PERIOD!! 

ChillinLikeAVillain says:

I would go for the Benz AMG C 63 507 Edition any day of the week….
betterl look, better interior, and better performance for the same price. 

vivalaphill says:

americans crying about suspensions :´D thats some funny shit

Ikuorai says:

Mic needs to be moved away slightly. It is giving the wrong impression of
the exhaust blip. It is not that loud and motorbike sounding inside (or
out) of the car unless your ear is next to the exhaust..

Frank Assnot says:

Everytime the car makes that “blimp” sound when shifting gears it sounds
like its Farting and it sounds like it is cheap and broken. Laugh if you
want to.

Han Chen says:

That engine sex noise turns me on!

Tony Dai says:

love the ending!

pixelgenesis says:

Pure perversion of a car! It just needs a driver! ;-)

mike quigley says:

You have no idea what your talking about!!!!

Amidat says:

This car just won the Superstars Touring Car series in Europe and Italy for
the 2nd year running… Great chassis and engine!! Guess the “understeer”
doesn’t stop it from winning racing series.

Genadijs Kukjans says:

That sound from motorbike? Really not what I need to hear.

civoreb says:

What Audi does is, make an “A” class of everything for luxury, then make an
“S” class for those that want some sportiness with that luxury, and then
give it to Porsche which helps make the “RS” class for pure adrenaline. 

George Daniells says:

had one of these things for just over a year and believe me it doesn’t
sound like a fart in person, its more like a roar tbh. :’)

quyen nguyen says:

Nice. Lots of technology…
Will its remote key work? Mine still doesn’t work … after years of asking
Audi of America decided not to help me. it sucks that I’ve been abandoned.
#Audi. Regress.

James Trevino says:

Awesome review thanks! Helped me decide between the C63 and the RS5 cant
wait to get mine!

Greg DeLuca says:

I think that this is my favorite Audi. I would love to have one of these
bad boys!

Raritytuber says:

This is my favourite video. The car sounds absolutely fantastic. The
“blipps” make it sound really agressive & raw. Unfortunately you have to
sell your soul to own a car like this in one of the richest countries in
the world. The goverment of Norway don’t want you to own a proper car. I
envy you americans.

Suggestion: Please take the Audi TT RS for a ride.

Jay M says:

I think this video caught the best exhaust sound of the RS5. It sounds like
a monster. I have test driven the car in person and waiting to find out
from the dealer about what’s available. They only have a limited amount and
I am unable to find one with ceramic brakes :(

kicksareforever says:

the m3 c63 and rs5 are all just as nice as each other it just depends on
what you want and need i just bought a 14 rs5 and i looked at all 3 but i
live in a place where it snows so i needed an all wheel drive car where as
the other two are not if i lived in a place that did not snow i would go
for one of the others but the rs5 would still be in the running it is crazy
fast for being around 4100 pounds where the other two are lighter and have
more torque none the less all three are great cars enough said

alext36 says:

1:37 i didn’t hear shit

TheJoePepper says:

Why do those glasses he wears make me desire to rip them off of his fat
head and step on them? 

Dalani Vo says:

Love the sound when he shifts

John Valade says:

the blip sounds like a 5.0 sounds very very nice. always like audi’s when
my friend bought an s4 i was hooked , always thought they were ugly looking
though. they s5 changed all that with an awesome design , if only i were

404marc says:

this guy is the Dan Dierdorf of car reviews. My head is ringing. 

Rasul Avtorhanov says:

Hahaha :D C63 is for burnouts! M3 best Dynamics Audi for snow, great video!

ifeared says:

that exhaust note <3

Rafi A says:

“not as good as the m3″

Heinz Ehrhart says:

drive your dodge and chevy shit Amerikakoaner

Andreja Žujić says:


Earl Yetman says:

BAD ASS ride!!! That 4.2 L V8 sounds like a mechanical symphony of sex!
Any company can toss a turbocharger or supercharger on an engine and make
pretty solid numbers. It is pure art to make an engine that will stay
together at 8500 RPMs. For those of you that think that it is too
“slow”…I could strap a Saturn V rocket to a shit wagon and make it really
fucking fast, but would you want to drive it? The RS 5 is a lust inducing
piece of engineering, sign me up!

TheTwoPutt says:

The only reason I can think of why Matt would choose the BMW M3 over the
Audi RS5 is because it’s a pure rear wheel drive car. The BMW is nearly
40HP down on power, it is 20 ft/lb down on torque and is slower from 0-100
km/h! Oh, and the RS5 sounds much better than an M3. Matt feels that the
RS5 is sluggish, that I believe is due to the precision feel through the
Quattro drive whereas the M3 is a drift dream. Most auto reviewers see the
M3 as a Yuppie mobile and the RS5 as more of a refined sports car.

Brady Stacey says:

“Whoa that guy should stay on that side of the fuckin fence” LMFAO. 

Herman Shew says:

I like how he calls 350 hp under powered, hahaha. I’ve never driven
anything with more power than that.

Umut üsüdür says:

nice Rolex ;)

dan uhase says:

do this audi RS5 come with all wheel drive??

Zack Stottlemyer says:

+Cody Rush 

Sollehuddin SP says:

+Audi Motorsport +Audi USA +Audi International 

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