Audi RS5 vs BMW M3 review – Auto Express

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Full review: When it comes to sporting heritage, few marques can match Audi…


Kemal Keza says:

drivers car bla bla, i pick cars based on which perform better, lack of
technology is a fools excuse, winning is winning 

RollsRoyce122 says:

How would you know??

Freddo Flintstono says:

What I like about Audis in general is that almost all of them have a dual
personality, with the RS5 being the most pronounced. Keep them below 4000
RPM (or in “comfort” mode) and it’s a car you can let your partner drive
without any special training to go shopping or generally cart around in
style, However, go above 4000 RPM and the nature of the beast changes
dramatically, especially if you also open the exhaust valves. In that
mode, it goes from 0 to illegal in under 5 seconds without any fuss or
wheel spin, but even then you remain in control. However, going faster
doesn’t mean getting somewhere quicker: at 8000 RPM, that nice V8 uses
SEVEN litres of fuel per minute (translated: a whole tank goes in under 15
minutes) so you’ll spend a lot of time standing still and refuelling :).

Tom Crisp says:

As Mat says, if you’ve got free tires and unlimited track time, that M3 is
it. If you expect to drive on roads, where fishtailing can end your day, it
may be slightly less fun.

denis jilavu says:

Easy boys, let me tell you a secret ultimate street fun machine: BMW
And if someone says it`s not he lies :)

Dobra Alexandru says:

AUDI ever!!!

RollsRoyce122 says:

Sup freckle boy 

RollsRoyce122 says:


MIke Mancino says:

i am telling you AWD makes a car less fun. its a fact! ask Jay leno! 

wail yalichani says:

Love rs5

Leon Shaw says:


gamertanafc says:

M3 is an amazing car so is rs5 really tough choice haha just know ur doing
well if ur choosing between an rs5 an m3 

Specop Killah says:

I still love the RS5, but I do respect the M3 in certain aspects

Nabil Ashmal says:

He should be worried that someone might STEAL the Audi

Kooper48 says:

why are the big three fighting?we should unite and take out those annoying
ass JDM cars

Mosakoe_069 says:

Rs5 is better way better i think bmw is a joke and m3 is the bigger joke
also the c63 amg is better than a m3 hate bmw hate it soo much 

Dennis Frammore says:

You can’t compare a A5 with a normal 3 series? I would say A4 is an equal

N-SPEC .Racing says:

This guy looks like a pikey from Snatch

ladeninlogen says:

You’r kidding right!? :’)

BigRLH says:

volkswagen (peoples car in German) came before Audi and BMW was a
motorcycle b4 it was a car and all was designed and made in Germany in WW2!

seanzal says:

I was led to understand the Bugatti Veyron is purely a supercar VW design
from within the VW HQ and was given to Bugatti to build and configure. The
MLB(B8) chassis on the A/S/RS/4/5 etc is Exclusive to Audi only. The former
B7 Chassis was shared with both the last and current Passat and now the
Seat Exeo. The MQB chassis was built to be a ‘variable’ design, will share
with TT and the New Golf next year. I was told its common for Audi/Bentley
to test it first before the rest do.

Roy Diedesch says:

One MAJOR advantage to the Audi: Seats.

William Neuenschwander says:

Yeah I noticed that a little to late.

amishterrorist17 says:

Your not Jeremy Clarkson

allberto2 says:

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cristiancr791 says:

i hate how this guys voice dips at the end of his sentences i cant
understand what he says at the end of anything

gynads says:

You sir are an idiot

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