Audi RS6 v Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake: Super Wagons. – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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The last RS6 was blunter than Larry David, this one is said to be better. Can it handle Merc’s gorgeous low-rider, the CLS ‘ Brake?


FtheGogglePlus says:

plz, chris, throw a milltek exhaust system into rs6, you will redefine what
characteristic means.

Penn Tarleton says:

Love both these cars. Too bad they’re not sold in the US because we want
Any crap more SUV more than we want a badass wagon.

jordanclarkson2010 says:

Audi have really done it with the styling on the new RS6 imo, looks
incredible. But the CLS AMG ain’t a bad looker either. Just love the way
the Audi pulls, that gearbox is amazing, but I also love the muscle car
esqueness and sound of the CLS, which would probably make it feel the more
special car when pootling around town at 20, and like stated the Merc has a
gorgeous interior. Tough choice …

Greg Laurence says:

On second watch of this video, it really looks like the Merc drives dead
people in the back. Wow, is that a hideous wagon from rear doors to the

Joseph Finnigan says:

I personally would rather have the Benz. It’s just more appealing to the

PorscheSweden says:

Which one would you rather choose, the “Audi RS6 avant” or the “Mercedes
Benz CLS 63 AMG performance package shooting break 4-matic sedan S E-class,
estate coupe 4 door”… Lmao Mercedes are just copying Audi.

Antaraxia says:

Why do Merc-fanboys have to be so dissrespectful. Audi won, say “good job,
but I prefer the merc” Being a douchebag won’t fucking help your you little
piece of shits. Audi to death OOOO

mohamed boughanmi says:

Audi the best interior ever!! the look id just awsome Audi will always beat
any car

Nicholas Wigchert says:

Gimme the Audi Rs6 in Cali!!!! Cmon Audi we want speeed in America!

Matthew Sharpe says:

I do not think “Shooting Brake” means what AMG’s marketing department
thinks it means. Four doors – that’s a wagon dummkopf, not a shooting

Enrico Bianchin says:

idiots, next time compare to CLS AMG S with 4 wheel drive and more hp than
the big shit named “audi”

Concerned persun says:

I am so conflicted. Why can’t one car company have the interior of a Benz,
the look of a bmw (excluding the recent 7 series), and the performance of
an Audi?

Benz by far makes the best interiors, ever. BMW usually gets the most looks
from the people. Audi quattro system is just too good to pass up. WHY THE

diqtucs diqs says:

How mighty is the audi? next time do a rolling start drag race 60mph!

bannedgbg says:

I LLLLOOOVVVE the RS6! Looks, engine, exterior, interior and that noise …
my God ! I get an erection every time I hear it shift a gear.

Thunderchild11111 says:

in german called kombi
nice if you need such a car. but for me its boring, heavy, bad
acculuration, early bracking beacause its to heavy, expensive, automatic
gear. boring thing. but hightec. ok if you like this one

Chris Davies says:

Buddy of mine has the old V10 RS6, and that car is a freaking MONSTER. This
new one looks positively mental.

Cheeky Chris says:

I’d have the RS6. It looks gorgeous, especially in the matte grey they do
for it. Saw one the other day and it really is a head turner! I also think
that Audi interiors are really top notch nowadays, they look like a really
nice place to sit. Can’t wait to see the saloon :D

Ermek Toktogulov says:

i want both of it cars)))!!!!!!!!

dopeburgermike says:

and four Labradors…..

Ghost919 says:

Hate wagons they super ugly !!

mak Shepitchak says:

Mercedes is better

David Gaberšek says:

Sell the CLS 63 AMG and BUY a CAR —-> AUDI RS6<– !!

brave fencer says:

so the audi is faster yet the mercedes gets better mileage.shocking.

Hesam0000 says:

An old 2003 Mercedes E55 will perform very close to Audi RS6 with nearly
100HP less.

666demonknight666 says:

The RS6 Roofline looks better than the CLS

Michael Hansen says:

If I had the money – the RS6 would be my definite choice, the Merc is like
a porn-club inside with all that white leather …. the RS6 is just spot
on, and it EATS tarmac like no other estate >.<

scarface6925 says:

Audi are shit and shirty led lights drive man car the GTR 

Kufre Udobong says:

Of what use is powerful V8 if it wont throw that ass in a circle? CLS63 AMG
FTW thank you. That Audi is hot tho’

ShaunJW1 says:

They both lovely, would take the Audi though thanks!

masterpatricZeta3 says:

In America EPA is fucking everything, with Emissions Bullshit and way more
shit. why can’t we have RS6 here?
so i can finally stop seeing idiots buying shitty Corvettes?

Kalle Klæp says:

Two racing cars diguised as a normal “family shit car”… He starts with
criticue on Audi and then he turns the Benz down. This idiot doesn’t
deserve any of those fine cars.. Let the fool drive a Yugo..or Lada..!

bel976 says:

That merc is inferior to the Audi, as the test proved. Tester’s taste in
interior and exterior baffles me. The Audi is much more appealing to the
eye, in so many ways. Not sure what he was looking at. Audi’s MMI is much
more intuitive than the attempts by MB, and BMW with their idrive.
People need to stop buying the badge and open their eyes to the better
Audi > Mercedes Benz, BMW

mistreku says:

That weather though.. Feels like it’s not even recorded in UK.

valin says:

Dear Chris.
I follow your channel from Denmark and I can’t help notice that you again
and again complaints about prices on cars these days…

Why don’t you do your next auto test I Denmark where I live and try to
explain the prices on a new car over here. .. an new Audi RS6 cost you 90
grand you say… you can save up 200 grand of you want to buy it in
Denmark. …!!!!! The exact same car….. The Danish government take 180%
in taxes on every new car sold I DK. !!!! Plus 25% WAT. !!

Geraldo Neto says:

9:33, 11:55 and 12:25
‘quattro’ technology in action…
audi’s superior technology that clearly makes the difference!

ejfxdjq11 says:

lmfao CLS63 S- AMG 4matic will destroy the RS6/7

ProteanView says:

Damn, that was a good review. Team Audi here. Both fast enough, so it’s an
aesthetic thing for me. The Merc looks too ponderous. The interior,
especially the disco theme lighting, seems like something borrowed from a
1980s Cadillac. It’s just cheezy. I’ll bet the shooting brake will
entertain older buyers than the Audi.

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