Audi RS6 v RS4 v Nissan GT-R | evo DRAG RACE

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ClubbySuperCharged says:

I’d rather have the RS6, space for 5 and a big boot for
shopping/luggage/dog, plus over 700+HP if you go for the tuning kits from

lolzlmao11 says:

Considering the rs6 can hold a family on a comfortable ride, and still do
decent against the GT-R, I am extremely impressed.

I wonder how the rs 7 would fair against the GT-R

vubevube says:

omg so many butthurt Audi fan boys writing comments. it lost, deal with it.

Shi Gu says:

I would choose rs6 every time, but at the same time I have to pay tens more
dollars for RS6. Just have a look how many more stuff that heavy wagon is
carrying. When your wife crying about the quality of cruising on the
highway in a GTR, RS6 driver is reading newspapers and magazines listening
to the fussy B/O stereo while the wagon is managing itself to automatically
following the cars in front. Also RS6 still can give GTR the ultimate track
car plenty of pressure off the traffic light. 

Europower says:

e63 4matic is faster than gtr 

Max Hartzenberg says:

the GTR has a station wagon breathing down it’s neck.

octagonElite92 says:

How was that a close race when an gtr does 0 60 in 2.9 seconds?

Faisal Hussain says:

aint no Audi beating the GTR 

John Vu says:

RS6, RS7, R8, they’re all close in performance. If you care about looks, go
with the R8, if you want to show off that your family is rich when you
drive your kids around, pick the R6 but that’s for geeks. However, no
matter what Audi you choose, they’ll lose to Godzilla!

Valon Qehaja says:

fakt interesant.
rs6 0-1000m 22.04s — 146.9mph
gt-r 0-1000m 21.29s — 151.4mph
m5 0-1000m 22.31s — 153.14 mph.
m5 win top speed 0-1000m.

Markus B. says:

well, the audi is a family car with an awesome interior.
So, despite the fact that he lost, audi’s performance in this race was
still pretty fucking good.

Ricky Hou says:

you are racing a GTR with Audi, how dare you! race the damn GTR with lambo,
you all just kept racing the GTR with all the easy cars not real race

leefromeastlondon says:

Try taking more then 2 people in the GTR… cant but the RS6 will take
5 adults and your 2 dogs, I know which one I would rather drive 400 miles
by far

Callum Curtis says:

Why no launch control, the GT-R would have been miles ahead if that had
been used.

jevonte ganzy says:

What an amazing sports wagon

shawnbbawns says:

please lets have any RS against the m6 grand coupe. i want to see

Bill White says:

Wow….a jittery, bone-jarring 2-seater track car wins against a 4700 lb
luxury SUV. How odd!

Next week…Stingray wins strip race beating two semis and a bulldozer.

xKriZ765x says:

Gtr launch 3.18 when it’s been down to 2.7s…who’s driving 

emireitor says:

REVO tune that bitch and walk that gtr

error4o4found says:

King GT-R will comfortably rape & fak & rape & fak & rape & fak & rape &
fak audi all the way …….

MegaJasperdog says:

Both audis are great cars. List price plus option is a joke to be honest. I
would buy a used bmw 335d x drive touring with big spec and save myself a
few quid.

IntoTheAbyss01 says:

EVO = RS7 vs NISSAN-GTR that’s a fair challenge

NZsarge1 says:

RS6 is a very cool car!

Charlie Long says:

Wow a GTR beat a wagon holy cow let’s take a new rs7 and see that gap

eggbirdtherooster says:

The GT-R looks ugly.. Both Audi’s look so much nicer

Sir 4K says:

Could you be any more dull on the narration, Jesus Christ. 

Dethred1 says:

Far and away, the most boring voice in motoring journalism. Never heard
someone sound so mundane when talking about such amazing machines.

jokersweet says:

EVO= Have you forgotten the weight between the car?
Audi RS6 = Super family car
Nissan GTR = Super car…
still surprise about the rs6 power-plant. 3 car length.behind the GTR
Imagine the R8 weight similar to the GTR with RS6 motor ooo dammm… killer
machine o.O

Narinder Singh says:

Gtr only got v6 in it against rs6s v8
Best all ways be the Best gtr

Spyros Fougias says:

Now do a rolling start and see the RS6 win… GTR is dead from 200km/h and

Stefan Unson says:

No surprise here, a coupe beating a family wagon.

A surprise would be visa versa.

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