Audi RS6 vs Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series – Drag Race Shoot-out

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The Audi RS6 takes on the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series in this drag race! Which comes out on top? See the next episode (McLaren 650S vs Lamborghini Aventado…


J.C VenomDrifter says:

Absolutely love both cars but think I’d go for the RS6

João Gonçalves says:

The transmission on the RS6 its a dream it can put the power on the road
more easily and change gears more fast than the Mercedes and the engine is
more lighter as well than the Mercedes. On paper the Audi RS6 goes from 0
to 60 in 3.9 seconds but on the road it can do it Evan faster than that.
Go Audi!!!

derbigpr500 says:

To anyone who says RS6 is modified….do you really think they’d use a
modified car here? Why would they do that? And why in a race against a
Mercedes car, when this whole event was organized by Mercedes?

Spyros Fougias says:

This RS6 is probably not stock. I mean, it was quicker thah the 458 italia
and the R8…

MZ z says:

the rs6 has a 8 speed zf automatic gearbox not 6 speed !!!

Kufre Udobong says:

Yes the RS6 won. but will it drift like the C63? Will it throw that ass in
a circle? NO! So C63 AMG still remains my dream car. (Edition 507 anyways)

Thex Dex says:

Huge performance difference. But RS6 can’t beat the sound of natural V8.

Luke Kindred says:

If the merc had 4WD…

MyCosmicPath says:

There is NO WAY that rs6 is standard, it sits 3rd on the leader board
between 2 of the 700hp cars, YES the rs6 is fast but NOT that fast.
I don’t care what anyone says that rs6 is not standard, end of. standard it
has 560hp / 480 lbs and It weighs 1840kg,…. The lambo weighs 1625kg and
almost 160+hp more and also has 4wd.
You can say what you want I don’t believe it, rs6′s are to heavy for that
time at standard power. IMO

RACE 1000 says:

RS6 is 2seconds faster than the Nissan GTR ??? are you drunk :) ???

Jack Cooper says:

Yeah… I don’t really miss the V10 in the previous RS6 anymore. What a

Sandouras says:

How did the AMG lose? Doesnt it have like a billion torques? 

Muhamed Jašarević says:

In every video of this channel every mercedes lost hah I can’t believe that
they so hate amg

PTR Decani says:

Audi RS6 has always been a stupid fast car. All criminals here in Sweden
use it as a transport-vehicle during robbing because it outruns almost any
car you can think of. I dont dare to think of what would happen if you give
the new RS6 a tune. Man you would rip anything apart…

MS says:

RS6 is faster than R8 V10? And its cheaper to buy right?

Fash Cars says:

Audi RS6 NUKED the Merc in other words the the MERC GOT MERC


BMW>Benz>Audi. Audi only good at standing acceleration. BMW would toast
Audi in rolll race class be class.

ankbrq says:

RS6 has a heavily underrated engine, with rock solid short ratio
transmission and full mechanical torsen AWD, it simply booms of the line.

I love the Merc black series but they belong to a different era. 

Brascofarian says:

how did an RS6 go significantly faster than an R8 V10? I call shenanigans.

Dominik Vereno says:

My favourite car since the 2012 Detroit Autoshow

S Miller says:

I knew that RS6 was fast but quicker than a 458 spider well that’s crazy,
think I have a new dream car

Ganooster Moppy says:

Audi blew my head off, fuck that, and to hoot it’s a god darned estate what
a laugh to the rest of bunch. Oh and it looked like a well fair start. 

Rd Rg says:

The Audi RS6 is needs about 22 seconds from a standing kilometer. If the
run for which you showed the timing was indeed 1800 meters long, it means
it took the car about 4 seconds to drive the extra 800 meters, meanig that
it would have covered those final 800m at an average speed of 200 meters
per second or 720km/H or 450 miles per hour.
Something must be wrong!

trefod says:

I suspect that was not a stock Audi RS6, sure it hooks up and goes without
drama, which is a fast way to do it, but out pacing 689HP 4WD Skyline is
insane. Its nearest HP and weight rival is the M5 1,5 seconds slower. Gotta
be some magic going on there.

dailyforman says:

wtf has been done with this audi?

Ruhul Amin says:

faster than a r8., really? new found respect. 

Jesse D says:

Holy shit balls did they forget to put an engine in that Merc haha. Id be
interested to see how the Rs7 would do 

enemay says:

How much is the RS6?

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