Audi RS7 560 hp vs Porsche Panamera Turbo S Powerkit 540 hp drag race

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Audi RS7 560 hp vs. Panamera Turbo S Powerkit 540 hp drag race at the airport from multiple views and multiple races, kiihdytysvideot. Audi RS7 0-100 km/h: 3…


Autohullut says:

Both cars are AWD!

John Jerrehian says:

RS7 is extremely quick for such a big car. Would love to see Audi put this
engine in the R8 and the RS5…

George Brad says:

the panamera is in the same class with the A8/7Series/Merc S. the audi is
faster in a straight line than this panamera( with a turbo S it would’ve
been even closer even if it is way more expensive) but on a curvy road the
porsche will destroy it. check out motortrend’s review of the 2. Fun is not
a straight line :)


the rs7 is a beast, wow

nosirrahx says:

As cool as this is the RS7 is also massively detuned. Slap the 93 octane
tune on it and you get more than 100 extra HP.

M Hahn says:

I would expect the Audi to pull better in the beginning since it was wet
and the Audi is AWD.

kubanskiloewe says:

i would like to know how that rear driven Mustang GT500 would drive against
these 2.
i think it has no chance the first 100m because of less traction from
0-40mp/h but perhaps later this beast could come close ?

Lotfie Labreg says:

Audi RS7

75jeremiah says:

Mersu, BMW, Porsche… Kaikki jää kakkoseksi.

emicrack86 says:

I woul’ve loved to see the audi vs m5 or m6 

Jamboolio says:

Aikas mageita laitteita molemmat!

TheEryk03 says:

Audi is simply the best. 

winsto22 says:

Audi RS7 is all over steer on the track and Nuremberg proved it! They need
to put the engine back. Why does Audi insist on the engine forward of the
front axles?

Luke Duncan says:

I have the privilege and immense pride of owning a RS7 loaded since April
this year *2014* and I just can’t get enough of the car, it is truly a
performer… at the same time I can take customers and have it on “comfort”
mode, plus I have the double thick windows option, and it is so quiet it
feels like a big mercedes… just unbelievable, and yes, I bought this
instead of a panamera because you just don’t see that many at all … from
Switzerland ….

generaldwarf says:

Just with the title, i dont want to see the video, there isnt any Turbo s
with 540hp……

Trent Hill says:


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