Audi RS7 – One Take

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Matt heads to the Nevada desert, one of the few places in the world with enough room to safely test the sheer speed of Audi’s new, 560-horsepower RS7. *Note,…


TheStevenbald says:

Delorean restoration update please?

AnAngryBlack says:

Fastest four door sedan got my attention. I wonder when Cadillac will
re-do the CTS-V again. I have almost forgotten about that car and have
done zero research on when they will update it. Either way this has to be
one of my favorite Audis

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Matt, we all know you’re the most handsome sunglasses salesman in the
World, but have you considered having the camera pointed outside the car
rather than at yourself? The forward facing camera shot during the
acceleration run was excellent. 

SwisssblisS says:


BizzLeVrai says:

nice paid add.
I mean review.

Markhan94 says:

Sick car, I love rear lights ^^

norman bates says:

hey why do you beep the word fuck? you’re on youtube not national tv

Carrera911Fan says:

How does it stack up vs CLS AMG and M6GC ?

I am Max says:

Being an auto journalist seems so fantastic you get to travel to all these
places and drive all these beautiful cars. I would be interested in seeing
a day in the life video of Matt Farah.

CaptainSprinkles1985 says:

Not sure if I should go with a 435I or a s5 =/ 

capturedbytee says:

Why would Audi under rate the power? Isn’t it something to boast about and
a selling point?

Araib Baddar Badaar Mahmood Khalid Sardar says:

Who cares about specs that ass is ugly as fuck! 

MichalMalpa says:

Can’t you count to five in america?!?

Amir Forman Asgharzadeh says:

This is not a $400,000 car dude. It is around $110,000. 

Romario Sulaiman says:

He said $ 420,00 dollars because it’s a one take review

Brent McDonald says:

ummm did you say 420,000? it’s more like 104,900. Even if you add some
optional stuff I highly doubt it would go up that much.

traxnada says:

That’s a proper “normal” car review… So much better than the 3 minutes
vids (I don’t count the intro and the incredibly long outro) we get on
TEST/Drive… Maybe if they followed this type of format, giving a bit more
freedom of commentating to the host, Drive would make it a bit more
interesting to review a Prius or a Diesel VW…

Hudson Brand says:

At 100k thats actually quite a value SHOCKED;

Lextube says:

I absolutely love the shape of this car. The rear end looks incredible.

KingPNW says:

Another great review, Matt.

hartsickdisciple says:

In what part of Nevada did you film this Matt?

Sam Shreves says:

This is definitely one of the funniest reviews you’ve ever done. 

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel says:



VdevoV says:

*Applause* *Applause* *Applause*

The Smoking Tire does it right, where Drive gets it wrong.

Renato Dumaresq says:

Darth Vader´s car. 

555 Gear says:

I like the one take format, it can actually be easier to listen to, kind of
more like a real conversation. Nice review Matt.

LivinFakie says:

I’m sitting here waiting for a mention on that sexy fastback, I’m just
crazy about it.

Shi Gu says:

i like this big guys expalnation, natural and make sense

sugarsaint says:

And may i say Mr Farah in my eye’s you are rapidly approaching the BEST
auto journalist / broadcaster on the planet. Your like a 2014 Clarkson,
perhaps not as dry, or comedic, but you have a effortless class that grows
with each and every video you make. Chris Harris all them mans, they’re
cool and all but he doesn’t improve one iota, while you’re the future of
auto TV. You some how say only what is required with out all the camera
eyeballing facial gestures and over elaborate paraphrasing. In short,
you’re fresher than all the rest.

Oh and as for all the BMW fan boy haters? welcome to Audi, engineering

kevinmsft says:

I would get S6/S7… Much cheaper and almost as good.

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