Audi RS7 review

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Our review of the all new Audi RS7 sportback (2013). And welcome to our Autoblogger channel! Follow us on twitter: ENGLISH: We b…


supermonkey654 says:

Why the english title

Kruychkov Anton says:

Great review!) very funny) thanks for English subs) also greetings from
russia btw

Ashton Harris says:

Okay dude. Watch this part. Audi RS7 review +Chad Harris 

Indy Pindy says:

Lord of the porno.

Anne Roos Kuijvenhoven says:

hahahah homoporno

Simme Volkers says:

agieler. lol

flatline7310 says:

Is he having a stroke this entire video?

jesse beumer says:

haha genoeg ruimte achterin, je zit helemaal opgevouwen :)

Fred Flintstone says:

sounds like he’s pissed

ProteanView says:

This review was a bit too over-edited and over-hyped to enjoy.

yentl555 says:

Allemaal het zelfde….

지훈 조 says:


Richard van Tricht says:

Die kleur… je cameraman heb gelijk

Fred Schriks says:

Oor porno oog porno alle porno hahah geniaal

doggystyleOFFICIAL says:

305 goede morgen :D

victor jagerman says:

Geniaal: gemiddeld verbruik 24,1 L/100km

redburoc says:

Vierachtenvijftig jong swans

rodge911 says:

Which should I get, RS7 or E63S ?

The Echelon says:

2:12 4850 Italia?

Johan Littorin says:

I do not like the mpg translation.

FAne fa says:

All of porn!

mazinais31 says:

i wonder if they put wouter back in older cars for a while just so he can
appreciate these new age crazy monsters again? :)

miklu26 says:

great review as always !

TheEryk03 says:

Perfect car.

AfricaAuddyTech says:

Flames at 1:53 !!!!

NeutralGenericUser says:

Great review as usual! One suggestion though; please keep the metric
numbers in the captioning! Us other EU watchers use metric numbers but just
want translation. Thank you!

juriankriebel says:

no shit…

simon movies HD says:

Zo mooi

hantserikje says:

Dit is een bomba waggie mattie

DoubleYouPee1 says:

220, 230, 240 .. geen enkel probleeeeeem

Andrew Horvath says:

Awesome review! I have now officially stopped caring that I have to read
subtitles. I’m too busy trying to understand the Dutch.

z00h says:

metric please

geengeintjes1234 says:

dikke wagie alleen die velgen zijn lelijk

Kiel Constantine says:

Hair porno.

AfricaAuddyTech says:

Only having early morning fun jerk juriankriebel ! Post that retarded line
to everyone u see bring up spit of flames !

Wim Boeren says:

effe pauper tegen bandje schoppen. lol

Tom Mulders says:

“hij staat nog in de grondlak”

gstam1993 says:

Hebben!!!! Sparen… Dromen :-(

justin yermouth says:

Amazing car and good review.

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