Audi RS7 Review – Auto Express

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NikoBell12 says:

The CLS63 is rubbish. I don’t know how it is more lively when steering
feels numb.

Daban Yaseen says:

sexiest car on the planet

sandy mcmillen says:

*not red I meant RWD*

Arthur Varona says:

Who’s ass do I have to kiss to get this car?

darkzerk7 says:

I saw this today on the highway. But it seemed pretty indistinguishable
from a 2010+ Audi A6, until I saw the RS7 logo.

Here the RS7 is about $95,000.

kawola17 says:

This car is just for looks. 

Macumbação Extrema says:

Where the hell is the 4:50?

ivan dragun says:

Audi RS7 vs bmw m6
AUDI win :D

sandy mcmillen says:

Reason being is the 2013 cls amg at least, is red and you get more
oversteer with the back sticking out. It’s more fun for some but I prefer
the rs7 magnificence

ice_spikes says:

for a love of god, hire a new designer Audi. All of Audi cars look same,
especially headlights.

Giorgio Turn says:

I can live with this car everyday, i don’t car about the suspension… just
give me the car

M12YYW122YY says:

Beautiful car

Scirocco ThePunisher says:


moonc4lf says:

Not a single word about interior..what the hell is this bullshit review?

antonio brown says:

One Day

Gerald Holley says:

Shame on you AE as ever your anti Audi bias still shines so brightly! Try
keeping the Mercedes from turning itself and its occupants into an
unrecognizable mash of human and twisted composites trying to keep up with
the RS7 point to point in all conditions. That’s what you mean by playful
really!! tail out skid marks everywhere including your boxers! Lets face it
the only way to enjoy that sort of handling is where you don’t have to
worry about constantly facing the wrong way and plenty of space to avoid
totalling it and the occupants. Some of the other reviews of the RS7 seem
to understand 4WD handling about late breaking getting on the power really
early and rocketing out of the bends, to say that that’s not fun or that
the only way you can enjoy a fast car is sideways is just stupid. You are
sitting behind the wheel of a masterpiece of performance art with probably
the finest V8 power plant ever built just compare it to what the Merc has
to use in extra Cubic Inches to achieve and all you can say is it doesn’t
go sideways,; you don’t deserve the privilege. 

Eduardo Barajas says:

What year is this car? 2013

mithaq ali says:

is it me or does this audi sound like a truck

Robert Tracey says:
Divinespiritus says:

We are having masive problems with Mercedes ML (2012) it is in the service
for 2 weeks and they cant find the problem-there is a sound from
diferential or something. On the other hand audi q7 (2010) no trouble at
all !

richl says:

how ridiculous to talk about seconds to get to 60 .. whats the point ?

OriginalNoseBleed says:

thanks for showing the dash bootspace rear seat space

angus20715 says:

ugly car for sure

Neil McMahon says:

In a 5 minute clip, we see about 30 seconds of the car moving. The rest we
are looking straight at a dweeb behind the wheel. Pathetic really :(

Eduardo Rodriguez says:

This guy is boring. I was excited for this.

William Ferry says:

How on earth did this drippy adolescent dude get a job requiring the
ability to converse and share his views in an adult manner. See Steve
Sutcliffe [Autocar] and Chris Harris[Drive] to see how it should be done. WF

CarsFan69 says:

Maybe Audi cars drive faster in the hands of your average ham fisted rich
guy, but m cars are more fun…thats a fact…and thats all that matters.
=) peace

Praetorian says:

Car reviewers from the UK suck. All they do is bitch and moan like Elton

Thomas Smith says:

and you say its on the same level as austin martins but they are soon to be
getting help from AMG.

MrFrankieFiggz says:

This RS7 would run circles around a CLS & M5.

James Walton says:

it does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and the sls does it in 3.6. its faster alright.

Bmwx5fan9 says:

I will stick to the CLS 63

jediwebdude says:

A tuned S4 does 0-60 in 3.9s, so surely this RS7 is much much faster, right?

i10LethalZidane says:


jearradt says:

We need a rs8

Specter Arco says:

All I can see is criticism. If all of you think you are better at car
reviews,why don’t you do it ???!!!!!!

saxaza97 says:

give the car to Chris Harris or Carlos Lagos, then we can finally get a
proper review.

hunker7photovideo says:

I am sorry but AutoExpress makes the worst reviews known.

Jay Alia says:

It seems like they’ve taken inspiration from the Merc CLS, which is also

Robert B says:

this guy is a Mercedes fan why would u start with your opinion being
negative if you don’t like the vehicle you should not be the one doing this
review . From your English accent I come down from loving this car to
almost don’t like it.

WMF88 says:

reviewing an RS and complaining about stiffness? isn’t that the point of
the car?

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