Audi RS7 Sportback | evo REVIEW

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Audi RS7 review: Mike Duff tests the new 552 bhp Audi RS7, to find out whether it is worth the extra premium over the RS6 Avant… Sub…


Aleksandr Halas says:

wild and powerful beast under the hood of the car I was able to ride it, my
whole car world turned upside down

Caesar Cornelius says:

Wow hes bouncing around in the cabin lol ride quality?

MrSlash00r says:

I think I bought insurance from this guy

nomyyo says:

Such a white thing to do pick the estate
When you spend 100k u want something fast and pretty no matter what an
estate at the back is ugly as hell 

Taylor Greenfield says:

Ok so you go to the Autobahn, talk about how fast this car is with the
upgraded limiter and only go 220 km/h? Shame…

Peter hewitt says:

I hear the thoughts in the video but I don’t think they are representative
of the owners who buy them for effortless performance and safety/security.
The fact it doesn’t handle like a racing car is not what owners are after
they want swift secure performance which this and the RS6 deliver

WindmillStalker says:

Not a big fan of the spastic and totally unnecessary close-up cuts. 

Alberto Contreras Martinez says:

70 % of the video was looking the face of this guy instead of looking the
freaking car!!!!!!!!!! 

donovan white says:

don’t like how he talked the car down I have seen better more honest
reviews of the rs7

Narrowc ross says:

I would take this over the R8 V10 plus, amazing looks, interior, power…

Shahul Usman says:

It’s a shame..only rs audi I’ve liked is the v8 rs4 b7… honorable mention
to the ttrs. Moral of this story.. buy the new cls63amg S. 

Matt Jones says:

Duff has a mouth like a vandalized grave yard. Sort it out Mike.

Kieran Delaney says:

I’d take a CLS63 AMG over this any day

suzuki400boi says:

The S8 has different engine internal and turbos compared to the RS7 and

OneOfOne says:

step up your game fool. you want to be on youtube you better bring it. so
stop defending him loser

ironkcoony says:

love the fastback look and the rear headlights – def. a “new” look in the
sedan segment and a resurrection of old audi fastbacks

hlbeckley says:

sun burn much

Mohamed Islam says:

that’s most probably of the sports suspensions like any sports car but I
promise you its comfortable

MrTrollin86 says:

EVO, please stop zooming in on your narrators horrid teeth. Somebody get
this man a set of braces & some whitener. Sorry to be crude but you’ve set
yourself up for these remarks. Carry on.

shellby5cima says:

If RS7 or S7 even A7 has nothing rear 2 doors and c- pillors, would be
perfect machine I think.

mattpearce84 says:

agree 200 % how come so many douchers get my dream job ??

Khaled Zidan says:

*jumping* and were moving on a comfortable 120 MPH *jump* *jump*

Rauri McKenna says:


TheEryk03 says:

this guy sucks

MrSHAJW says:

That was very bold appraisal of a very expensive executive saloon, a very
brave and honest report, I can’t imagine what Audi make of it :-) The
autobahn ride seemed a little choppy though.

drivelinetime says:

I dont think the camera angles could have been worst

Graham Bansal says:

Dear Mr Metcalfe, please get Chris Harris on your payroll. Many thanks.

Tyla Wilkinson says:

Just over 3500 rpm in eighth? Look in the middle of the dash and it says
D6. That doesn’t look like 8th to me


It’s a chain of killing all started by that sexy bitch Audi created!

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