Audi S1 | evo REVIEW

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Henry Catchpole takes a trip to the Audi S1 launch near the Arctic circle. New videos every Wednesday! Subscribe here: Where else to find evo? WEBSITE:…


TheCarxpert says:

It’s a Skoda Fabia with a few different badges, porkie ugly looking thing

Sandouras says:

99% of the video was this guy talking about the A1 and 1% of the video
actually showed the bloody thing. Well done. I’ll buy you presenter guy. Do
you come with satnav as standard or is it an extra?

Jonathan Nicholls says:

5:30 Is that Group B S1 understeering mid-air?

ShawJohn31 says:

Im sure S stands for “SHIT loads more money!”

OR “Suckers!”

Its a specked up and glammed up Polo! For 5 series/A6 money!

Josh Donivan says:

Great review! 968? Like the 90′s 994 based car? Man! I haven’t heard anyone
talk about that in forever! (regarding most of all youtube car channels) I
would love to see a used car buyers guide about the 968 and/or 944. Or
maybe a modern review of older cars? That would be awesome.

Fraser Best says:

That is not an S1, the car on the right at 4:30……… IS AN S1!!!!!!

IdFightMyDad says:

All wheel drive is so popular these days. I’ve driven a WRX, a Legacy, and
a Courtryman S All4. They can all be pretty fun in the snow, but they’re
just so dull when it’s dry. This winter was the worst Detroit has ever seen
and yet, the roads were often clear of snow the majority of the time, so
the amount of time you can actually enjoy cars with AWD is extremely
limited. I drove my ’09 Miata around this entire winter with a good set of
snow tires on, and it was just as fun in the snow, as capable as I needed
it (I was never stuck once), better at doing donuts, and when the snow was
clear, so much more fun. After this winter, unless I move out to the
country, I see no reason for me to ever own a car with AWD. If I needed
more room than the Miata, I’d get an FR-S.

James Jevons says:

Problem with this car is the price. Chuck those extras on that Henry
mentions and it’s a £27k car, Audi are discounting brand new S3′s to that
price, and on finance an S3 is £20 a month more, I think the S1 (And I’m
not denying it’s a brilliant, class of its own car) is too expensive. Just
my Opinion. 

hung huge says:

My Audi have come a long way. This is about 90kg lighter than the much
larger S3 from way back in 2002. Similar power, similar drivetrain. Infact
it’s a pretty lazy effort considering 12 years of “development”. 

Mark Pybus says:

EVO proving once again they are one of the best when it comes to proper
tests and some nice production values. Would love to see Henry and Chris
Harris do a full length film together.

ianiva says:

This is why we love Audi! What an amazing little car!

JamboyStu says:

Annotations are annoying. 

MikeRelvasR8 says:

I absolutely love that pocket rocket! It looks nuts, sounds great and
drives brilliantly – what else could we ask for? It’s an Audi and I just
love it!

Original Audi S1 quattro next? 

BeBarnee says:

GO TO 4:12
“It’s a huge loads of cum in experimental woman in my room”

PS Warrior says:

Bring it to canada!

Romario Sulaiman says:

Like the commercial

Christophe Chardon says:

Sorry Evo but should we really give a fuck about how the car behave on

Youblixuous says:

The only S1 I saw in this vid was in between roughly the 4:40 – 5:40 minute
marks. The rest of the segment was just some bloke tootling around in some
non descript boring little hatchback…

Per Eldh says:

Right, who’s paying You to go on about the original Quattro S1 all the
time? (Audi? Ok I see.) It was a flawed rally-car and didn’t stand a chance
against the competition from Peugeot, Lancia or even Ford. No matter what
Audi tries to tell us..

C Tito says:

Really nice, fast, little,…pretty expensive! 

zwanso says:

I want this audi

ellasOLE22 says:

hmm needs dry roads and summer tyres and then a proper review. 

nbrigdan says:

Brilliant little car.

James Cutter says:

Have to say I really like this little car :D 

Connor M. says:

God I love EVO…

Tiago André says:

It has a look for women target, not for men. I dont like it, but i
recognize is a good car.

suomiauto says:

Audi should consider going back to WRC, yes sure VW has the Polo WRC which
is a great WRC car, but the world needs to have the words Audi and S1 back
in WRC.

Kane Cullen says:

Unless they’ve created a custom version of the haldex V it won’t be a 60:40front rear split without slip. It will be
90:10 front rear

Matti Sillanpää says:

Actually the stuff he says about the steering feel is rubbish. Winter
conditions or gravel is the only real test for steering *feel*. That
separates the simulation from real thing.

Lion in a Coma says:

this or gti?

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