Audi S3 review (2013)

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Review of the new Audi S3 (296 hp). Via And welcome to our Autoblogger channel! Follow us on twitter:…


bugattisteve says:

My mistake my ipad just made me look stupid. 

bugattisteve says:

:( no subtitles

simon cabral says:

Is this the funniest clip i have ever seen ???? one of them…….

999turtleman says:

░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ☻/
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ /▌
Il███████████████████]. /

MrDodobmw says:

Chris Harris is from another world….for normal people,maybe the M135i is
a little bit of a hand full.

hahahalalalakuku says:

But you did drive the A45 AMG !

Xolition says:

Drive the A45 or CLA45 AMG as soon as possible! Danke =)

Davy Schriks says:

Weer een top review wouter

bunnykill48 says:

wacht… dat is een 4 cilinder o_O.. Best klinkende 4 cilinder ooit?

szyldek says:

are you guys on facebook?

kagolko says:

dear homo rights fighter.. I can say whatever I want regarding homos,
whenever I want. and when putting some compliment to Wouter – the last
thing I want him to think is that I’m one of those guys who would kill to
stick his tongue in his asshole.. so go to do your prohomo campaign
somewhere else please. I never meant to be offensive.. and please stop
leaving weird comments on my videos..

Oscar Arzate says:

chris is a douche

mazdarati2 says:

Do you ever watch videos on this channel?

FlakerOnline says:

19-04-2013 opgenomen :p Prachtige review van een heerlijke wagen!

bunnykill48 says:

Hmm.. Goede suggestie! Ik twijfel tussen de twee.

Jeroen den Otter says:

DSG plofje :P

MasterOfFun3 says:

Stompin’ the party!

Abzug0386 says:

OMG…. look at the top comment….. *doh*

cvieri1111 says:

I know koppel also :D

kagolko says:

and it’s called Chris Harris on cars… so..

J0lker says:

when will be A45 AMG?!

iTzMattz says:

1:05 the Audi S3 really is “stompin the party” Oh man I wanna learn this

rextetron says:

Harris drifted the 135i easily…was there something wrong with your
version? ;)

_Cogliostro says:

Your comment is very friendly … We Dutch are very homo friendly though.
So keep the discriminating rhetoric to yourself from now on. Thank you.

mackiechang says:

lekker….is the only dutch word i know

Abzug0386 says:

The autochannel you’re talking about is called “drive”, not “Chris

Tim says:

It’s the best word also

Z Altintas says:

haha :D he’s actually saying ‘Stampende paarden’ which means ‘prancing

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