Audi S3 review : Driving Modes on the Track

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Close – Read the article here. More and more new cars these days, particularly those with a performance slant, are being offered with the functionality…


robbyjai says:

you are at marulan and if you are only cracking 55secs in an S3 you dont
know how to drive. lap times for a bog standard S3 should be about 49secs.
So what you say ??? It goes to show that the “test” driver isnt a competent
driver and most likely NOT a consistent driver hence the results would be
rubbish and not a suitable bench mark because the driver cant do repeatable
laps for the purpose of benchmarking. For the record in my bog standard S3
I can pull a 47sec around wakefield

Sash Naumoski says:

I saw this s3 parked at Woolworths supermarket in Lalor. It looked awesome,
and i took a photo of it.
Enjoyed the review. Congrats on car mate.

david dykeman says:

This car is not yet out here in beautiful Canada. I currently have an 2013
S4 and plan to trade that for this and/or the new 2016 Golf R. Anyway, nice
review Aussie. Cheers from Canada.

David Webb says:

Robbyjai, they were standing start laps dude… 

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