Audi S3 Saloon review

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Read our written review of the Audi S3 Saloon here: We’ve tested the Audi S3 Saloon, the sibling car to the German brand’s…


PvanP says:

why do all Audis nowadays look so grumpy. it really sets the pace to show
what people buy Audis. I think the interior is one of the best I have ever
seen in any car PERIOD, however the ugly exterior really puts me off, also,
when you put all your basic options on it, the price is almost as high as a
BMW 3-series which is just in another class (except for the interior!) I
wish audi made their cars look sporty without looking like they want to run
people off the road.

Dat interior doe.

markjwil says:

The US market will not get the manual transmission. :(

Vitor Morais says:

I prefer the 235i ;)

Ayrton Atif says:

I duno why but i really like it 

Radu Serbanescu says:

Glorified Jetta, 45k for 2.0T, enough said. STI draw circles around this
car, 5 of ‘em :). For 10k less.

Sale_Shark says:

It seems more of a rival to Audi’s own A4 range, very strange !!!

Motortorque says:

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