Audi S3 sedan v Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Sport |

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We pit two all-wheel drive Germans against one another to see which is better. Subscribe for more:


Josh Williams says:

That Audi is just a Volkswagen with a suit on its not special it looks like
they forced it on the Jetta platform 

haider firas says:

This video is like comparing apple with orange instead of comparing Two
apples or two oranges. It is favor for Audi. He should compare the s3 with
CLA45 AMG. because letter “S” in Audi is the highest performance in the
class and “AMG” the highest in Mercedes Benz. And if you compare the two,
CLA AMG will be the obvious true proud winner that can have up to 360 hp
and does 0-100KM/H in 4.5 seconds. 

Greg Laurence says:

Mercedes interior is hideous. Back end looks like it’s melting

Cade Nguyen says:

For all you who don’t know, in Australia,the S3 saloon and CLA 250 is
priced at around 75k. Hence the reason why they don’t use the CLA45 AMG
which is priced at around 100k. Blame Mercedes for being overpriced here.

Joshua Adams says:

Pricing there is so weird! Here in the states the CLA250 starts at 29K and
is far less cheaper than the S3. I wonder what that’s about? I assumed that
prices were higher for you guys, but why are they similarly priced when
they’re about 10-15k difference here. 

Matthew J. Neumann says:

put it against the CLA 45 AMG.. 

George Bond says:

How biased is that, why didnt they pit the CLA45 against the S3, they are
the 2 models that are more like for like. VERY DISAPPOINTED, an AUDI
propaganda video

hawkesworth1712 says:

I’m glad you mentioned the road noise in the S3 – it was horrendous. For
that reason alone I would reject it.
Surely Audi could do a better job of noise suppression for that money.

TheEryk03 says:

S3 is a great car. 

NZsarge1 says:

Nice review, interesting to see the Audi is arguably better value for money
on top of everything else.


So why not test the cla45 amg?? This is not a comparison.. 

Marlon Brown says:

stupid comparions…..

Chris Schimansky says:

ugliest benz ever.

Badr Mohamed says:

Please 370z review

Damien W says:

Good review.

Eduardo Ito says:




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