Audi S3 Sportback Review |

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German brand’s $59900 hot hatch offers few faults as Drive reporter Matt Campbell finds out. Local review here : Subscribe for mo…


MaZEEZaM says:

Im not sure i would want to spend $60K on such a small car with no

Stephen Li says:

The direct competitor of 45 AMG would be RS3; S3 is on par with M135i but
with 4 wheels drive advantage. In a 75 grand range, I think A45 is a
better choice. But if you go easy with options, better leave it plain,
then around 65K driveaway sounds alright.

lp z says:

What? RS3 Match with A45? Are you kidding?

Andrew Wiseman says:

Stephen Li is right, Reporters at large get it wrong with Audi S models and
always like to stack them up to the other German hi performance (namely M &
AMG), with exception to the M135i which is a level playing field, really RS
= M = AMG. Comments in this report about the S3 not being sporty inside
(like a race car), well, again misunderstood. The Germans always understate
their performance & sport, plus the S models are simple sports editions,
not high performance as in the RS. S models are a car for the person that
likes “a bit of go in their every day trousers”, not the track day
enthusiast. When I looked at buying the S3, I too wondered why the increase
in price for a similar looking car as the A3. Once driven, you realise the
higher spec, but ultimately they are just a sport edition, not an ultra
high performance addition. In saying this, the performance is pretty
outstanding for an every day driver. says:

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