Audi S3 vs BMW M135i | evo TRACK BATTLE

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Jethro compares the Audi S3 against the BMW M135i on track at Bedford Autodrome. Subscribe to evo TV for more videos: Register for evo’s…


SPMNDK89 says:

Why does Europe have a smarter customer base? Where there is demand, there
will be supply. So the fact that there is no supply of M135i in USA means
not enough American demand. Which is a pity, because I fancy this little
sweetheart of a hatchback more than the M235i coupe. The M235i may be more
stylish but it’s hardly cooler.

MikeRelvasR8 says:

Audi S3 for the win! The M135i is ugly, the sound that you loved so much is
being pumped through the speakers and sounds awful and the lack of an LSD
makes it pretty uncomposed around corners. Also, as Jeremy Clarkson proved,
it can’t go on a straight line in the rain at 120 mph ;)

I think it was slightly unfair to compare the S3 to the M135i… Normally
it’s the RS3 that takes care of this business. Audi is planning on doing an
S3 Plus with 380 hp and a bit more hardcore but I still think this is RS3′s
business when it comes out. The S3 sounds pretty nuts with an aftermarket
exhaust though ;)

Great video! :)

sp royals says:

I drove both and hated the bmw m135i – it may be good on a track but whats
the point if most will drive it on a road!!! – sure it has a decent engine
- the sound is a cheat via speakers!! awful interior and looks that even a
mother would disown.

audi is way better

zorokakashi says:

right, race the two in the wet.
Either Audi redeem itself or quattro is overrated.

andyb0x says:

The back of the BMW is ugly as shit.

bezor Ta says:

This S3 is brand new while the M135i is old and will be replaced next year.
I think the engine placement in Audi will always hurt them. Every time you
open the hood of any Audi car (not R8) you will see almost the entire
engine in front of the front axle. And the AWD just magnifies the problem,
what he calls the push in the corners.

Understeer has always been a legendary part of all Audi cars thanks to the
faulty engine placement. It’s like a reversed 911. I have started to look
at cars differently. Any front engine car with the front wheels close to
the windshield means big overhang and a lot of the engine in the wrong
place, just like Audi. Audi makes great cars but for transport in comfort
and luxury, not driving dynamics.

Kenyon Guillory says:

If you like the Audi, why not just get a VW Golf, GTI? Why pay premium for
a VW? A BMW is a BMW.

HeavyLikesSandwich says:

The Audi looks so much more better than the BMW. It’s just beautiful.

Richard Dudley says:

Why not the RS3?

lorenzo scarletta says:

Everybody saying Audi rs3 should take on BMW M135i is talkin bullshit, if
you would compare a rs3 you have to take the new M2 and everybody knows BMW
will ruinin the Audi again.. 

Dontcallmeshirley says:

so the S3 is lighter with 5 doors and all wheel drive… Hmmm, surprising

idh0530 says:

The Audi quilted leather seats are the best on the market. Audi’s may not
necessarily be the best cars, but those leather seats are top-notch.

goatmonkey2112 says:

Could you just stop saying “BM”. Watch your video again and every time you
say “BM” replace it with “Bowel Movement”. 

Toad Boy says:

Isn’t the RS3 more comparable to the M135i?

Kushi son says:

what test track or airport runway is this?

Cur8or88 says:

Isn’t there a 3 door S3?

Paris Malaspinas says:

Aaaaand its officialy the first bmw that cannot drift


by the way…the back of the bmw is…boring! sorry….the hole design is

sp royals says:

Driving sideways on a uk road = death, not fun


why they always compare these two cars? take the rs3 against the
m135i…the same league…pleeze!

TheThSaint says:

Buhhaha 3 door S3 is lighter and would beat 135 :)

SilverWave says:

BMW! <3 :)

IAmSkip94 says:

This comparison reminds me of last weeks Top Gear episode. 

zhbroder says:

every linked video at the end goes to the same URL.. all to the same video


this bmw was in the top gear show last week

smsuperman says:

It’s really getting irritating when reviewers try to copy Chris Harris
voice and way of talking. This man does not know who he is if all he does
is imitate others.

Jacob Lee says:

That BMW is a fucking eyesore

matthew deng says:

a bit not fair to S3 , M135 against to A45AMG and S3 is a level lower ,
slightly. wait for the RS3 and have anther the battle again

Pedro Macário says:

just save a bit more money and buy a 2 hand 1M

sp royals says:

I prefer the s3 thats why I bought one as its a perfect every day car for
365 days. The bmw isn’t and is ugly..sure the engine was goid but nothing
else is. The a45 is good but is silly money.

Makes me laugh when people comment on these things when they clearly havent
driven them

Im a manual fan but the stronic box is excellent so im on my first auto
because most of my driving is sat in traffic jams

Not sure why you believe tge a45 power only comes in at 3000rpm

Dejan Mitić says:

Stupid peopel, M1 vs S3 or RS3, think abut it. RS is much better. Make
things fair another time

adidasaddict says:

M135i FTW, boring boring Audi.

Max Chui says:

I can see a lot of people are complaining for the S3, but sorry. That’s a
S-model of Audi not the RS-model which is the proper rival to the M-models!
The old RS3 has 335 horsepower so the new generation of RS3 is going to be
light (based on MQB platform) and powerful (even the S3 has 300hp already)

Joe Achilles says:

Some of the M135 hate comments on here are really ignorant, I can’t believe
people actually take Jeremy fat bastard Clarkson seriously!?!? 

nagmashot says:

stupid compare…
1. they put the more heavy S3 SPORTBACK 4door vs the lighter 2door M135i
2. they took away this way the 45kg(100lbs) weight advantage of the S3
2door over the M3 2door
next to that in Germany the base price difference between both is close to
3000Euro the M135i with auto gear box right between new S3 and old RS3

Bug Video View says:

The S3 used to be an icon of a car. From the outside it looks like a TDI
with some extra bits added on. Ok, the RS3 might now do what the S3 did but
such a shame it has been shuffled down in looks and performance. 

Budget Gamer says:

Flywheel bhp comparison = pointless. BMW has way more wheels bhp because of
Audi transmission losses.

Eddie Jones says:

Why don’t they use the m135 xdrive all BMW s can now come as 4wheel drive
would make a great review 

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