Audi S4 Owner Review: 2004 S4 – V8

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Sports Car Advisors ( does a walk through on the 2004 Audi S4 V-8 Quattro. This Audi has an after-market cat-back Corsa exhaust sys…


Ian Smith says:

That engine looks like a bitch to work on.

DJWario says:

oh god why is having the chains towards the back neat? Just like the N45
Bmw this means the whole engine needs to come out to service the chain.
tons of labor hours!

And its not just the chain that can fail: a tensioner, plastic guides all
can cause catastrophic engine damage if fail. So all you “lifetime” people
can think it twice. 

Jaymobe07 says:

put a bottle of water in there…

Zachary Fisher says:

my solution for the weight distribution issue was putting two 18s in the

mrdeath212 says:

lets hope that timing chain never goes bad

cbdsm95gst says:

I am definitely impressed with this car. I have an 04′ and wouldn’t trade
it for anything.. Other than a RS4. Good review.

SportsCarAdvisors says:

@phantomloita VERY insightful comment. Thanks for stopping by and viewing
the video. No doubt the R8 (8, 10) is amazing. :-)

R31LLY says:

i need some s4 door blades, any1 got some for sale??

MrFunk says:

“the window has some sort of tint on it” hahaha… did yuo see how dirty
the inside was? Terrible.

Vadim Yuryev says:

wow if only this guy knew anything about the S4 before he did the review. I
kinda laughed when he said you can tell it’s an s4 if it has an s4 badge.
But anyways my favorite part of the exterior is the unique lower door trim.

SportsCarAdvisors says:

@TSWRgtivr6Vdub LOL have any vids of that? would be fun to see.

Mikey Hanna says:

i’ve read alot about the 04′s “gremlins” i have 107k on my 04 and the only
real issue i’m finding is an oil covered spark plug in cylinder #1.
Guessing i got lucky?? Either way they are such fun cars in all weather
conditions and very practical as a family car (if you don’t mind gas

a7248b says:

you shithead faggot fucker bitch tits cunt licker. go to hell for treating
an S4 like that you POS car owner.. have some respect

SportsCarAdvisors says:

i’ve not yet heard of that problem on the 2005 cars. very interesting.
thanks for visiting our video.

hydrake says:

I just test drove a 2005 S4…. Major design flaw in engine placement. the
engine is practically sitting out front of the front wheels in the smallest
place possible. It seems like they were going to put a V6 in but then
decided to add a V8 instead as an afterthought…. The car should perform
better than it does with that 4.2L engine….it’s very sad. I bought a 2002
M3 instead….best choice I’ve ever made.

QCminifred says:

@phantomloita Good point. I’m definetly with you on that and I love and own
an audi myself but the fact is that porche has moved the 911 engine over
the rear axle and even thought the new audis like the rs6 and rs4 still
hang their engines in front of the front axle, their engines are made in
big part of carbon fiber so they’re not as heavy. And btw i agree with the
fact that the R8 is not a car it’s pornographic as powerful as a supercar
and 10 times more practical so… yeah


@SportsCarAdvisors Yeah! would have made the review that bit better!

iggibars says:

That’s not an “Audi trademark!” That’s just about how all cars come. Only a
few sport oriented cars come with a front engine that is mounted at center,
or behind the front wheel’s axis. BMW is one that comes to mind that has
the majority of the engine’s mass placed behind the front axle.

MrSnowford says:

@SportsCarAdvisors Just a FYI………..the V8 engine itself is actually
lighter than the previous 2.7 V6 biturbo was in the 2000-2002 S4′s.

sk8peng says:

probably around 165mph. i have the S4 Cabriolet. I havent had the chance to
max it out.

SportsCarAdvisors says:

for sure, the car is a bit front-heavy. the M3 is a much more well balanced
car. the E46 M3′s are some of the best ever produced. People rave about the

SportsCarAdvisors says:

yeah, the v8 is a bit heavy in the nose of the car. the new Audi S4 is back
to a V6; should be interesting to see.

silverninethirty says:

Exhaust was brand new so was not broken in yet. sounded much better later
on after couple 100 miles. Car still running good with 82k on it. Love it
and now have full downpipes and really opens up the restricted factory set

psreynol says:

this vid is pointless

audiocable says:

racing seats in the rear, because racing can happen anywhere

xxbigpimpin6969 says:

hey how do you like your audi so far? How reliable is it? im trying to
decide between this and a 2005 m3 coupe. thanks

SportsCarAdvisors says:

The owner of this car claims to be pleased with this car an intends to buy
more Audi’s in the future due to his need for all-wheel-drive. Due to the
fact that the audi is all wheel drive and the BMW M3 coupe is not, you
should sort the priority based on that first. If you really need all-wheel
drive, the Audi is the way to go. If you intend to “track” your car and/or
you want better fuel economy the 2005 M3 coupe may be the way to go. Thanks
for visiting and watching our video.

IrishChris1979 says:

I didn’t see if anyone else mentioned this or not but, I noticed that alot
of the 2005 B6 S4′s have condensation in the headlights. Pretty much all of
them for the most part. I’ve yet to see this problem in the 2004′s. Do you
know why that is? The headlamps look exactly the same… Unless I’m missing
something? Thanks and great review =)

kevery12 says:

May not fit a bottle of water there but it’ll hold a 1911 . ^_^

Pas De MD says:

@phantomloita Doing something in an inefficient way “because that’s how
it’s always done” is a mark of poor engineering. Porsche knows that the
Cayman would outperform the 911 if similarly equipped. Audi realized the
problem with having the engine in front of the front axle and has
redesigned its newer cars with a better design.The previous front heavy
designs come from a lack of materials and technology combined with cost
concerns, which have been rectified.

rockysi22 says:

thats an 05

TheHighroller88 . says:

clean ur car ; )

DevPack says:

so i am thinking of buying one. However the car i am looking at has 122,000
miles on it and I am a little scared. Should i be?

Mike Lyle says:

@cobyson100 Someone is way to proud of driving an audi.

SportsCarAdvisors says:

@tluppereast lol

veloce2007 says:

Amazing engine with an amazing suspension. I just bought a 05 S4 with 53k
miles with the Triptronic and I make everyone aware here that if you test
drive one you’ll end up buying the beast. I owned M3 and Supras and they
don’t come close to this car. I researched first about car and it does have
excellent reviews for safety, reliability and decent comfort reviews. I
haul my kids to school and they love it. So if you’re in the market for
one, don’t hesitate and get one, you only live once!!

softytop1000 says:


PcarCzar says:

@fockewulf3 There’s a reason California cars fetch a premium over a car
from anywhere else in the country. No snow = no salt on the roads and no
rust. I personally would NEVER buy a car from the east coast.

James Tran says:

@DrNate89 Everybody knows that, What’s new? Everybody also know that rear
engine never works and cause snap over steer. Yet till 911 Turbo, GT3, GT2
is highly regarded as the best supercar? Men don’t do U turns and say what
you just say and give up. And the result? Audi is now the most recognized
brand on the market.


Could rev it a little harder!

whitefangv says:

Beautiful car. I can’t wait to buy my own one day.

RayzaBlayz says:


ryan walters says:

No, by this time the car would have worked out all its kinks and should be
in pretty good shape. Just make sure that all the recalls were done on the
vehicle before you buy it. Not a bad idea to take it to a dealer and pull
the code history from the key.

theguy1224 says:

I agree on weight distribution but i dont get your logic on HP. Audi also
put out the RS4 which uses the same engine as the S4 but has more hp. Just
because it “only” came with 340hp from the factory, doesnt mean thats all
it can do. Manufacturers produce certain hp numbers for a reason. A good
example is the ZR1, you think the 600hp it came stock is all it can do? lol
GM detuned that engine for a reason.

st33fie says:

What is on the back license plate and what is around the front plate

SportsCarAdvisors says:

We told the guy “REV IT DUDE”, but he was like all soft on the gas and
stuff. ha!

ryan walters says:

One of the worst reviews I have ever heard/seen. Next time get the idiot
owner out of the picture so you can give an un bias opinion about the
vehicle without the owner talking over your shoulder.

Yoni Dadon says:

Now i can stash my weed (y)

TheGreenSmoke says:

Does anybody know if Audi uses the flat plane or cross plane design on
their V8 engines?

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