Audi S4 Review!- Supercharger Whine for Days!

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For this video, we hop in Justin’s Audi S4 which he was kind enough to let me drive. Being the first Audi on the channel-I had a ton of fun! Lot’s of refinement, easy to drive, and much hard…


ThatDudeinBlue says:

That Audi though.
Thanks for watching!

ThatDudeinBlue says:
Tj Hunt says:

you know why they are called Audi?
Because when you pay to get them fixed your wallet says “OOOOWIEEEEEE”
Ha. :D

Yeezy Yeezy says:

A lot of people complaining that it has only 330hp, you have to understand
that you don’t need stupidly high HP to have fun. It’s a car that you can
control on the daily traffic and still have a lot of fun when you want. And
that thing sounds awesome, thanks fo the review!

Dylan Johnson says:

2:06 there’s a store in the background called Buy Best. Lmfao what lazy
cunt came up with that name? 

William Pritchard says:

I nominate David to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear!

Kevin Domínguez says:

I don’t even have to watch the whole video just with the intro I
automatically click on the thumbs up

Steffen Flindt says:

I’m sure this car is much better than a new Mustang! Sorry David :D

Russel Nguyen says:

shit, i did not know the Audi S class were supercharged cars

Danny Blackstock says:

Definitely liked the more chill music in the intro

Hnat Automotive Photography says:

Love those wheels! I have the same set but in dolphin grey!

tommy says:

honestly, too plain looking, only 330 with a supercharger? eesh

Greig300 says:

Please find a B5 S4 

Gaston Franchi says:

It kinda sounds like a gtr

Fernando Martinez says:

Hey David will there be more videos on the 1jz build 240sx???

Anders Kristensen says:

It’s kind of a shame Audi can’t decide what engine they want their cars to
have. Over the years S4′s have had inline 5 cylinder engines, V6 engines
and V8 engines. Some NA, some supercharged, some turbocharged. The RS6 even
had the V10 Lamborghini Gallardo engine at one point, now they gone away
from that in favor of turbo V8. Make up your mind Audi..

Dacrazy-can says:

wait wait wait the owner of this car changed the turbo for a supercharger ?
i thought the s4 came with a turbocharged v6 not supercharged

UV Plasma says:

You should try and convince the owner of Nessa to tune it to 1000
horsepower so he can get the Evo X world record

Vivek Anand says:

Not sure, but don’t twin screw superchargers actually SAVE gas?

RazorFX says:

As for a V6 it sounds very good, simillar to a GTR… David You should take
a look at Mat Farah’s S4 review with air suspension… that exhaust note
was mind blowing.

You said in the video that it doesnt matter that they downsized the
engine… Well have You heard the 4.2 fsi engine ?? its like night and day
between those two engines.

A Vong says:

Gotta get in a V8 S5.

HighMagnitudeGT says:

only 333 hp. about the same as my camaro which is cheaper and better

Christopher Courter says:

whenever i watch your video’s lately david im noticing popping and
crackling in my headphones. only happens with your videos as i can blast
music with so pop or crackle. not a huge problem but thought id let you
know :)

Black Viper says:

My supercharger is louder…and I’m not kidding…and its german

brendan2jz says:


MrStreetballer5 says:

This probably isn’t the best place to ask this but fuck it why not. I’m
thinking about picking up a 2008-2014 Evo X MR is there any major issues I
Should look for during the inspections of the vehicles in the lots? Thank
in advance. I googled this and really just got some inconclusive

Thomas Prentiss says:

i was like oh s4 review. Then i saw supercharger whine for days and i
clicked immediatly

Brian Williams says:

David are you like Jay Leno where you never wear sunglasses? And if you did
youd be constantly taking them off to see the road better?

ANormalPC says:

Great Review :)

I currently drive a MK1 Golf and still grooving :)

Euros <3

eidolonbreed says:

Are these S4′s faster than a full bolt-on Mustang 5.0??? 

jason verndog says:

bro u legit have the best music taste, where do you get your music from?
btw awesome vid, u looking to do a review on that supra that was in your
road trip vid?

christoffer andreassen says:

My dad has a a6 V6 turbo and its fucking amazing its has 200 disel hp with
400 nm its a 98′ model i love it its white and black rims 

GEOH1100 says:

U forgot to say it’s rwd, important aspect of the car 

Kip Kip says:

Dude OMG I flipped sh%t when I saw you driving down a road I live by xD.
Love your videos dude! Keep up the great work!

llama833 says:

This car doesn’t have a downpipe does it? A supercharged car will have

iamstd2 says:

There’s something about the sound of V6′s that I like over any other engine
configuration. Probably my second favorite sound after rotaries.

Josh Went says:

David! I just bought my first V8 :D and im only 19!

Blake Bias says:

You should do a video on Mercedes-Benz 560sec or sel

Dezibel´s und Turbo´s says:

That Audi sounds really nice ! 

oscar arevalo says:

wifes got an audi sad part is when problems occur theyre crazy expensive to
fix for minor things 

Harrison Stone says:

Would anyone else like it if David were to review the interior of the cars?
I like how subaruwrxfan goes over the interior before he get’s into the

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