Audi S4 v Audi RS4. Does Supercharging Rule? – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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Can REVO Technik make a raggedy old S4 match the gorgeous new RS4? Drag race to find out.


Matthew Sharpe says:

Man, who buys an S4 and treats it like that? Someone with mummy and daddy
money I bet.

William Arrington says:

Audi s4 vs rs4….. then rematch after s4 reflash
Audi S4 v Audi RS4. Does Supercharging Rule? – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

ciph3ro says:

What’s a B8 S4? How is it different from a normal S4? Was thinking of
switching from a Subie STI. It’s raw and fun as hell bu not refined,
good-looking or luxurious. Is it the generation of S4? I want the 2012 or

I would keep both if I could :)

Sth29Productions says:

1200$ just to plug something in an ecu… wow… hard labor there.

altimgamr be hatin' Ford and GM says:

+sid johnson’s cts-v is faster than these two

Permavag says:

Did this with my S3, 7 months later the turbo burned out. 

jbdadizzle says:

will this void the warrenty? and how is the fuel economy after this mod?

allteeth says:

5:40 “We’re just pegging each other” 

Ben Chester says:

whats up with the s4 rear fog lights ?

Sunny phalore says:

Great video and I like the presenter he’s awesome, he could be on top gear,

Dean Loveridge says:

You could blast the rs4 all day every day with no probs. Try doing so in
that tweaked s4. It would soon pop.

Lefty Bowling says:

If you have the extra cream to spend def get the RS which looks sooo sexy!

tsujimasen says:

Does anyone have a link to the Zero f**** given RX-7?

Juris Raudulis says:

Too bad it affects your car in longer term. 

Farooq Waraich says:

I also had my 2008 1.8 TSi VW Passat CC tuned by Revo

+ Lots more power and a MOUNTAIN load more torque!! It gives the car the
power to match its looks, and goes faster than say a Golf GTI now.

+ Even better fuel consumption than standard while cruising.

+ Harder/snortier engine note.

- The extra pressure created caused several air leaks in the turbo piping
(my car was only 4 years old with 60k miles) and more than a £1000 pounds
later trying to get it fixed at various garages.. a leak still pops up
somewhere after a few days. The leaking air causes power losses and car
jerks under acceleration. I’m depressed and have given up trying to fix
it, I just don’t accelerate the car hard many more. And no one wants to
buy it now.

- The Revo remap only runs on RON 98+ Super Unleaded fuel.

- Black smoke through exhaust.

CONCLUSION: Just buy a fucking BMW 330i or M3!

Borderline5440 says:

7:08 is just beautiful.

Michael Clay says:

Why don’t they just put that in the car to start?

David Yu says:

This is kinda ridiculous!

Audi S4 v Audi RS4. Does Supercharging Rule? – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

xXLimitedRayBayXx says:

No but the cars are not in the US. The steering wheel is on the right. It
doesn’t match our perspective for North American Drivers. The view of the
car is different. Its really, not the exact same interior. Thats the
problem with this channel. For North American Viewers.

Cole Rierson says:

Why not do the same thing to the RS7?

BHassan786 says:

I think think the s4 makes 460 horsepower cos thats how much the MS design
s4 makes.

KiloByte72 says:

And I want one of those so fucking bad…

ChargedTTq says:

It’s not that extraordinary, If you had a turbocharged engine back in the
60′s all it would take is a simple spring change to produce similar results
by increasing the boost.

That’s literally all they did here. Some removal of fine emissions tuning
added a few but most of it is boost control.

nixuv says:

So audi makes the same car put diffrent software and put +30% price on it?

Martin Zvarík says:

RS4 and there’s no Sport setting?! Just dynamic, comfort, boring city ride,
family vacation…. I agree, it is a compromise in every way

Miguel Afonso says:

I bet that if it was wet outhere, the result would be a no brainer. And on
a curvy mountain road, even worse. FWD vs Quattro is always an unfair

blackknight says:

So, why don’t you take the RS4, and hop it up in the same manner that you
did the S4, and see how both cars perform against each other? Can you do
that ?

bbpleg says:

Anyone notice how the underside of the s4 wasnt exactly flat… It looked
like there was something hanging from under the engine. Could have been
enough to make it lose the race vs the rs4…?

Mgenzo says:

wtf… there is 2 s4′s? i thought there was only a coupe..

Carlos Barragan says:

he says the S4 is in horrible shape??? WTF.. just a good wash and cleand
the rims a lil wax… a vacuum cleaner inside and cleaning the leather….
and that’s it all those lil details.. of dents and scratches are
nothing..they could look a lil better just by wet sanding with 3k and
then polish those surface is not in bad shape at all it’s just dirty

Tom Peary says:

Let’s see Chris Harris get the new stage 1+ upgrade with DSG map and then
run this race again.

Brad Kells says:

Revo is shite
Shoulda gone to MRC

tavi921 says:

Have you ever thought that the engine in the S4 was designed to work at
certain power thresholds? Everything is calculated, nothing is left to
chance. I wouldn’t be surprised if the engine blows up after a few
thousands of miles after that software tweak.

ifitsgotwheels says:

I want one!
…of each :)

Tobias Messner says:

Why not wach the car before filming?! Lazy!

Robert Kunga says:

That software isn’t cheap. But it’s totally worth it. It must be fun
blowing people out of the water with what appears to be a normal everyday

MegaJasperdog says:

Bit of bullshit here. The car needs to be mapped before you can switch to
revo mode. 

Gavin Sloma says:

wont a thinker rear sway just make it under steer more?

Bogdan Stanciu says:

….now throw that chip in the RS4 and brace yourself ;)

Fifty0ne says:

I went to REVO with my MK5 VW GTI and it surprised the hell out of me.
Completely different car. 

Ferry Huberts says:

The S4 *has* launch control:
- put it in S
- switch off the traction control
- put your foot on the brake
- the other foot on the throttle…

I have a 2005 V6 A3 and for me it works like that :-)

Rupert Neaves says:

mrc are the guys for audi tuning.

Michael Hansen says:

Yet another proof that this model of the RS4 really aren’t that fast.. The
RS5 is a totally different thing, but it still is – the new star in the RS
Impressive though, tuning a S4 like that.. :)

jhotta TV says:

pero de donde habeis sacado el s4 si no esta nada cuidado llantas arañadas
golpes damelo a mi y lo trato como un rey

Moodsaver says:

what year is that S4 ?

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