Audi S5 2012 vs 2013

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Full 2012 vs 2013 S5.


nicholasmcarr says:

S5 V8 all day.

Derek Morales says:

2012 sounds waay better but 2013 looks better

Steve M says:

I don’t blame you, I am thinking about lemon lawing my ride and getting an
E class so that I don’t get high speed tickets lol

Steve M says:

Your right about the steering wheel its way better in the 2013

Mark Brockway says:

I have a 2012 S5 couple with the 6 speed manual and it is the best car I’ve
ever had. I’ve heard the 2013 is quicker stock wise, but you can do some
great mods on the 2012 including the APR supercharger. I’ve already done
the exhaust and ECU and it is crazy fun. Will do forced induction next

C Straley says:

Im headed to the dealer to put down money on an S5 and I am a little
worried about the dependability. My BMW was traded in for bad fuel pumps
and I have been with Lexus for the last few years. Hopefully it’s a good
vehicle, I LOVE the way it drives.

C Dubs says:

I like the interior (- the steering wheel) and the taillights on the 2013
better other then that I prefer the 2012

Steve M says:

I had a 2013 for about a week now and I am getting used to the new front
end. It really grows on you.

DistantHikari says:

definately like 2013 S5′s sound more

ThirdLife86 says:

335is more power ? 326hp vs. 333. Modability on the 335 with ECU only ?
350-360 if you don’t want to blow it. 430-440 on the S5. Had to make the
same decision between the cars, so i understand you liked the 335 but even
as a huge BMW Fan i could not buy the new one, its just so cheap inside…

bagelboy751 says:

no, it has a 3.0 liter supercarged v6

bobzzz23 says:

4.2 liter V8 450 horse power like the R8 4.2 v8

Ricardo Perez says:

Nah man i didn’t follow through with it, A day before i was planning on
going to get the s5 i stopped at BMW and test drove a BMW 335is and
honestly fell in love with it feels like it has so much more power than the
s5 man so i placed an order for that one about 3 weeks ago, it should be
here in 2 more weeks and when it gets here im going to make youtube videos
and link you.

ziiizzzooo says:

i don;t know why but the 2012 looks better on the move. those LEDs are sexy

Collin MacLean says:

Are these stock exhausts on both of these?

Jazz M says:

Whoever has an audi s5 not because of the speed, but the luxury. Anyway if
i ownone, ill spend my time 100% in the interior and would be trying the
performance at track. If i want a car for performance, might as well i get
a supra and mod it .

Dravis Daniels says:

True, but I’ll still would take the 2012 because of V8.

C Dubs says:

Ain’t no replacement for displacement! In the process of trading my 2012 A5
for a S5

jason lee says:

how long do you have to wait?

tptuble says:

I must say that S5 is just for only luxury + 4 wheel drive, not for
speed….. I have driven S5 2008 v8 4.2 version. I liked it but it has lack
of HP…. compare to M3 or even 335i. I am glad they switched to V6 SC just
like S4 because V8 S5 is slower then S4….. (so dumb….)

C Straley says:

just oils leaks?

fuckoffgoogle says:

i just put my order in for the 2013..i hear you on the sound of the v8 but
man that v6 just destroys it out of the hole.

MscleMike says:

What do you mean “better looking” headlights,tailights and front grill wich
are infact a facelift? Anyway it’s your opinion wich i don’t argue, but i
like better the “devils eyes”.

Steve M says:

witch one is that the blue or white one??

Steve M says:

after 3K miles

Steve M says:

or get a GTR and have a race car with a Nissan interior

DistantHikari says:

Like the R8′s sound

Steve M says:

The 2013 is better than the 2012 in so many ways. The 3.0 Supercharged V6
is faster than the 4.2 V8. I personally sold the blue car with 3k miles
because it was shit. 2 oil leaks in that time. I think Audi’s are bullshit.
My next car is the 535 M sport.

Steve M says:

I bet the Audi dealer was stoked hahaha

Steve M says:

The 2013 Audi RS 5 made its U.S. debut at the North American International
Auto Show in Detroit. A classically elegant coupé with unbridled power, the
Audi RS 5 features a high-revving 4.2-liter V8 with 450 horsepower and a
seven-speed S tronic transmission with launch control program. Source Audi

joedogg9836 says:

those new Audi headlights are a turnoff.

Steve M says:

check out the other videos of the blue car

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