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The guys take the Audi S5 for a drive in the snow in this third and final part of our Sports Coupes comparison. And in the final discussion, how well will th…


Anderson A. says:

wouldnt you compare the s5 to a m3 ??

ArtisticDreams says:

I like the Audi. It’s one sexy son of a bitch!

Grace JD says:

65k for this car??? Lol suckers are born every minute.

agyvonne says:

i recently purchased an A5 cabriolet, fully loaded; it’s fantastic. my
first car was a german car, a karmann ghia; i think my last car will be a
german as well……..and definitely an audi 

johnnyd83 says:

I love my 2010 S5 6MT. My only questions for the “drivers” in the comment
section bashing the S5 for feeling “numb” and “un-involving”… Have you
driven one with the upgraded rear differential and Drive Select? It becomes
2 different cars. “Comfort” feels nice and easy. “Dynamic” transforms it
into a beast. It’s incredible.

99% of my driving is on everyday commutes on public roads. For this
purpose, there are few cars on the road better. Luxury and power in
exceptional form.

If your JOB is to race on the track, this is not the suit you wear to your

This is the suit that destroys 90% of the competition it faces every day,
but doesn’t have to scuff its cufflinks demolishing the douche in the R/T
next to you.

It’s Duane “The Rock” Johnson in a well tailored suit.

Ryan Smith says:

I feel that at the price point of the Audi, that the CTS-V Coupe would’ve
more of a fair fight than just a CTS. The V would win in all out
performance, but the Audi would smoke it in every other category. But, it
would’ve been more fair price wise. 

Patrick Higdon says:

Love my S5! 

Grace JD says:

If the s5 was 35k yeah it’s a good buy but at 65k?????? Helllllll no… A5s
are crap and should be priced around 25kkkkk tops… Germans are playing
the consumers for a fool.. Hahaha…

Chance Hales says:

I love the S5! Designer Walter de’Silva says it is the most beautiful car
he has designed. My only complaint with it is that it is too quiet in the
cabin. I’d like to hear more of that V8 grunt! The new 3.0 they have in
them now just isn’t the same…

nando cortes says:

tesla s is faster than s5

Nick Cannon says:

One of these guys said the Audi is a “great car but it doesn’t amaze me”
How can something great not be amazing? All 3 cars are capable and fun to
drive, loaded with features and options. Best thing to do is test drive
them and see for YOURSELF! Some of these critics are too critical.

Jorge Nunez says:

man, you guys are better than motor trend.

Discordia Merovean says:

The S5 is one of the prettiest cars on the road, it’s wonderful to look at.
However, it’s a completely numb and vague pig of a machine. Having driven
3 different “S” Audi’s I am baffled how anyone who considers themselves a
“driver” can heap praise upon Audi. Simply and plainly you are not, unless
you consider video games a primer for real world driving.

Numb, nose heavy, and performance so disinterested and un-involving that it
truly left me baffled. Sure it is a fast car, but it simply doesn’t feel
like it in a straight line, and it’s a complete mess in the corners.

It was like taking the prom queen to the dance, only to find out that she’s
a vapid boring simpleton with a holier than though attitude.

The one guy here is clearly an Audi Fanboy, or as I mentioned above just
not a driver in any sense, no feel for it, no passion for it. 

Jorge Nunez says:

guys, the designer is Brazilian.

Andres Sanabria says:

These Guys Talk So Queer

MRQQ9 says:

It’s an italian design, in fact it comes from the brilliant mind of Walter
de Silva. I wonder why I even watch american reviews of european cars.

WeirdoWithABeirdo84 says:

Funny how Cadillac wants to compete with the Germans while asking the
Germans for help all the time.

TheBramptonBully says:

i agree the front and rear are nice but the side profile is ugly, has weird

Mosakoe_069 says:

I live in germany and i have a s5
I just let mine tune from HMS.
(In german : auspuff klappengs anlage sidepipes) 

Chris Samurai says:

I have seen S5 today next to me, man it’s sexy….

NemanjaGuitar says:

Todd, make sure you drive it with the stick!!!

cs350z says:

@1MotherSucker 2012 Cadillac CTS-V, to my surprise, is actually a pretty
well made vehicle. From the interior to the leather stitching, it
definitely adds character to the car. What I also like about the car is its
door opener. It isn’t the conventional handle, but a button you push to
open the door. I was like, “WOW!” To summarize, I am a pretty tough person
to impress, especially American cars. But Cadillac CTS-V has somehow
impressed me with its aggressive stance and performance.

monacoer says:

still overpriced

Connor Denman says:

I was thinking the same. I also suspect that the auto tranny would be
responsible for quite a bit of extra weight, thus making it feel slower and
down on power.

cpowell786 says:

I like some of them, but the one being tested was quite the horse face.

r1pster says:

who gives a fuck

tc88888888 says:

i bought an S5 because of the exact opposite reason. the 335i looks exactly
the same inside and out as a 320i, I actually like the drive of the 335i
better, but i just didn’t want to pay 130k for a car that looks the same as
a 60k car. The S5 at least looks different to an A5. I think the best car
to get is M3, which would be my dream car but is way out of my price range,
i.e. 200k plus.

Kyle Wilson says:

Im sorry i dont like the front of the car at all, i think the BMW has a
much better front

Matthew Ribe says:

Where did you film this? These look like great roads!

Zain Merchant says:

Funny to bitch about the price of the 335 the whole time and then choose
the S5 which is 8 grand more expensive…buy an m3…

subkingzero XII says:

I mean A4

El Cangri says:

My future car

SurvivorZ1 says:

No problem mate:)

Nathan Lo says:

Would you guys pick a s4 or a lexus 350 is f?

RUS38 says:

they just fucked up a new 2012 model with new design….. such a

C Dubs says:

I own a Audi and think the have the nicest interior.. I must say I was just
at the Auto Show and was very impressed with the CTS interior

93455Driver says:

K, they said wait a few years to look at the 335is….here we are! Wonder
how the ATS stacks up though, sounds like Caddie has the weight, engine and
handling worked out, but the shifter needs work.

PROX1MI7Y says:

At this price I would pick up a 1-2 yr old m3 :)

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