Audi S5 vs BMW 435i Review Acceleration Sound Onboard Autobahn 0-250 Test Drive

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Audi S5 vs BMW 435i Test Review Acceleration Audi Keyring / Key holder : Audi S8 V10 Sound :


BerlinTomek says:

Which car You would choose and tell me also why!

Dokepredator says:

Der Audi hat 30ps mehr aber schwächelt ab 200 ganz schön, Naja Allrad
braucht auch Kraft. Lebt dein c63 noch? :) 

Berlin Tomek says:

Audi S5 vs BMW 435i
Review Test Drive Acceleration and more!

BerlinTomek says:

Audi S5 vs BMW 435i

Witos says:

tak z filmu to twardy orzech do zgryzienia… Na postoju wydaje mi się ,że
435i lepszy dźwięk ,a w czasie jazdy hmm trudno powiedzieć .Przyśpieszenie
praktycznie identyczne .A jak twoje osobiste odczucia z jazdy ? Prowadzenie
,dźwięk i radocha z jazdy ?

bmwdreiermax says:

Natürlich den BMW !! schon wegen dem reinen Hecktriebler macht ja viel mehr
.Aber eigentlich sind ja beide wunderschöne autos oder :-)

yayane54 says:

Nice video! I prefer the 435i :)

Biju Mj says:

audi is so old and still vw

SuperLC1010 says:

That’s not exactly fair is it, a standard 435i vs a flagship Audi S5. Next
time M4!

Tirididi972 says:

435i for sure :)


speed feeling less in bmw ,all model of bmw.. one car which speed feeling
less .. and in video bmw,compered to other car ,bmw looks nice less,than
them(other cars.)but more nice and more agresive in really

upload9595 says:

Bmw hits quite a big downhill after 230.. from 210 to 230 it goes at one
pace and then out of nowhere it starts to accelerate at much faster
rate…. 210-230 in 8.77 secs and 230-250 in 7,23 secs…..

youngprankster94 says:

id still take the 435i over the ugly shitty audi

Mercedes Benz says:

29.5L/100km DAFUQ??!

sean siew says:

Audi S5 roof open in 16 sec while BMW 435i does this tenths longer.

iMiG Music says:

Wow Tomek, das Video war mal wieder Spitze! Auch ohne Worte, gibt es fast
kein besseres Review. Aber etwas mehr Video Content zu beiden wäre klasse

mrbenl says:

at the beginning you showed a 435i cabriolet (roof opening test), were the
acceleration clips also the cabriolet/convertible?

Nick van Dop says:

Defenitly the audi s5

Jweeny Pwee says:

And not an indicator was seen that day.


nice video… so do the video,such a compared

Juzek Pyk says:

jednak BMW wygrywa! i żeby obiektywnie było ja mam Audi

Sebastian Pańczyk says:

Czołem, z jakiego województwa podchodzisz? 

Алексей Б says:

Audi is better and faster! 

Tooter says:

I would take the 435i because at that HP level, i would prefer RWD. I
wouldnt take an AWD unless it has 400+ hp. Everytime i compare audis to
bmws, i always find the bmws more edgy, have better feel of the road,
lighter, more aggressive and a bit faster, also more reliable.

spian says:

I don’t get it, the audi has quad exhausts (looks sicker, anyone who says
dual exhausts look nicer is just borderline fuckin dumb as shit and has no
taste in cars whatsoever that’s not even debatable), is just as fast or
faster than the beamer, WAY nicer interior, whoever says the beamer has a
nicer interior is a blind, stupid fuck period. There is no debate there
either, audi interior shits on every beamer interior. And the specs beat it
in every category. What the fuck is everyone saying? Lol the beamer looks
plain as fuck, no where near as sleek and smooth and the S5. Everyone is
fuckin lost. 

Laweeze Morton says:

This is a great comapro.. But the 435i with MPPK vs S5 is a better one.. M4
competes with the RS5, not S5

Diogo freytas says:


xCobi says:

Ich glaube den S5 kann man nicht mit einen regulären BMW vergleichen, Audi
bedient in meinen Augen, mit der S Reihe einen Markt den BMW und Merc nicht
erschlossen hat.

GriM ThoR says:

None of them, I’d take the g37s coupe over any of them

Gioo72 says:

I own a 435i Coupè 340ps so my choice is obvious: 435i is better than S5,
more funny (RWD vs AWD), higher revs engine, more sexy, more modern!
Audi has got better high quality interiors.

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