Audi S6 5.2 V10 Quattro Test Drive & Vehicle Overview

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koch says:

v10, But NO AFTERMARKET options to wake it up, suffers from heat soak, and
like most audi engines, you have to tear apart and DEGUNK HUGE deposits on
valves Every 20-30k….I would have perfered a 6-speed manual.

ben sten says:

Why have a 5.2 v10 and detune it to 420hp? This is a very heavy car and
ultimately no faster than the v8 s4 of the same year. Bummer man

Silvi Boy says:


Supastar914 says:

EMG has the best euro cars in the country hands down!!!!

jkrych26 says:

Quiet is bad lol

fartforlife says:

Awsome car & video! Saw it on recently. Is it still available???

automotiveadbuilder says:

You have to reset them. This car gets around 16

automotiveadbuilder says:

Last I was there it was, that was a week ago though – I just do the videos
so I go once a week.

Jakeman21642 says:

The 5.2 really does sound similar to the 2.5 in my family’s Jetta and
rabbit :D

automotiveadbuilder says:

I would like to do even better, but its hard because it is just me. Time is
also a big factor! Thanks for the comments!

James Nicholas says:

It has black carpets??? I’m sold!

Anderson A. says:

Not with that 8mpg the odometer was saying smh

Kendall Harrison says:

SWEET review love the exaust note 0-60

TheNorthsides says:

Best review yet keep on doing with these longer reviews

Conrad H. says:

Sweet car

Lax Mawrence says:

haha ok… you win


Haha white seats, bad idea… there’s gonna be shitstains on all the
passenger seats

Peter Ventura says:

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