Audi S6 Avant Cargraphic exhaust sound (4.2 C5 A6)

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2003 Audi S6 Avant (C5) with a full Cargraphic (Germany) cat-back 3″ stainless steel dual exhaust. S6 is the high-performance version of the 4.2 A6.


swansmeister says:

first one i see with decent looking tips altho i would choose just two
round ones or oval ones like the rs6, sound nice tho, nicely done.

EssDrei says:

Nice! TÜV or EXPORT Version?

Byootox says:

Can’t beat that v8 roar !!

K3isa says:

was für ein sound !!

Dan Crouch says:

Very sexy!

zebinheimer says:

nice exhaust set up, very well assembled *****

D3ffe says:

really nice sound from the 4,2….really nice

Matt Sheehy says:

Gotta love v8 rumble in a wagon! 4 rings 4 life

carwiz008 says:

those tips are dead sexy

cbdsm95gst says:

Yeah those tips are pretty sweet

Jan Kowalski says:

ITS the best music :) HOW MUCH KM ?

twobuck40 says:

Nice Tips!!

audicoupe6077 says:

Das ist der dezentste aber auch gleichzeitig aggressiver Audi-v8 Sound
ever! War grad auf der Page, ist das die TÜV-Version oder die
EXPORT-Version? Freu mich über eine Antwort!

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