Audi S6 Avant review

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We drive the new Audi S6 Avant (2012). Via


psy GangmanStyle says:

“Je kan dat ding zo safe rijden”. Geldt helaas niet voor iedereen, tijdens
die overval was die audi gecrasht -.-’

thenewguy6699 says:

there’s annotations for it blind fuck. go be a retard somewhere else

JDYTC says:

LOL if you can buy a new S6, you don’t need to rob a bank anymore I guess :)

jockeleu says:

Who said they payed for that Audi though =)

BarryEssex says:

Stop propagating VAG.

ttcro22 . says:

then write “ENGLISH SUBTITLES” idiot

frank arrogalla says:

AUDI the best!

Milan Stankovic says:

oh go fuck yourself with that gay song

ttcro22 . says:

LANGUAGE, so annoying

la lalala says:

i really love Audi but for that price i choose the new M5 (120.000 euros
you get it with full otions)

Willard Groningen says:


TheEryk03 says:

Which middle of nowhere you live? In German S6 starts at 73 k euro and M5
103k euro.

1911predetor says:

the bank robbery where ofcourse with stolen s6…

Josekpl says:

as if bank robbers were buying getaway cars…

br0lypl says:


Beaver 314 says:

Not this guy again.

16MrMattie says:

We do, but he is braking them. Unless he is just across the border to
Germany. That’s probably the case, because you have no speed limits there,
for real. It would be a wrong impression to break the rules in Holland.
Cheers, – From Amsterdam

Freddie Lenoch says:

This channel was in desperate need of subtitles.

123Bocky says:

sehr geiles Auto. Habe selbst schon drin gesessen. ;-)

frontwing67 says:

Nope,you steal it and THEN you go rob a bank XD

hantserikje says:

there are a lot of bank robbery comitted with stolen s6, m5 enz in holland

gsipowerravenstein says:

Binnenkort de RS 6

John Smith says:

True, but gettaway cars are always stolen and this movie refers to a big
hit (12 mil.) some guys did at the Brinks money deposit last year in
Amsterdam-Zuidoost. They had an m5 and rs6 as gettaway cars.. They never
got caught. So that’s why he’s saying: the perfect gettaway car.

Vlepos says:

some people would have to rob a bank first if they wanted to buy this audi.

coenijn says:

if you buy a Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG in holland one third of the price ( if
not: even more) will go to the government. Just because of all these
treehuggers in the government nowadays…

Sven Hofstede says:

Dreamcar :)

Amar Drekovic says:

admin send request for partnership bitch !

camiel221 says:

that is called holland. and it is also called 10 time more taxes then in

JDYTC says:

I know sir. I already stated that. Although I don’t think ‘there are a lot
of bank robber[ies]‘ here – they get stolen a lot perhaps yes. Kind regards
from Amsterdam

No11Scalpel says:

In Jordan we pay a minimum of 86% , in the occupied Palestinian territories
you’d have to pay the Israeli costumes ~ 140% …there are some people
worst yet

Samcypert127 says:

Do you not have speed limits in your country?

daballaskind says:


Felipe Brancher says:


lamalordddd says:

i shot a man down – rihanna

Marc van Zuylen says:

Das ook lekker…. krijg je eerst de reclame van de nieuwe 3 serie touring
te zien en dan het filmpje van de Audi S6.

samuel610able says:

defence dj – what i feel

mandelgrop says:

autobahn, wake the fuck up!

geengeintjes1234 says:

Iknow but they robbed 12 million euro’s in netherlands with this car

Daan Kooy says:

hy ziet er echt super uit!

TheEryk03 says:

stop hating

JDYTC says:

I know I know, it was just a joke because he said it like that. And
actually they are caught by now I think (the Belgium Moroccans)

mHalfLife says:

who says it was bought

japster1113 says:

probably stole the S6 too ;)

thenewguy6699 says:

there’s subtitles you dumb fuck

4nthony99 says:

Music at 1:38?

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