Audi S6 Review – Kelley Blue Book

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FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: Audi S6. Balance. Its what makes good things great. Take the Audi S6 for e…


Bam Salam says:

@bkvintagecorp well do u really need a V10 5-series? might as well get a
E63 AMG.

Connor M. says:

paddle shifters?

lance lanceislike says:

i dont trust car companys that build cars just b/c they can afford too… i
would take the m5 over both the merc and the audi b/c i think it would be
build better.

remoh1972 says:

the s6 will handle corners, the camaro wont….. ;-> Its a well known fact
outside of the usa that US auto manufacturers cannot build a good chassis
and suspension setup that doesnt boat around like a supersize me tank

Kenny Neto says:

BMW AND AUDI FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ingloriousbasterd22 says:

why is this the only s series that doesn’t give a Bang & Olufsen option

Kid Red says:

@ringlol Exactly. The S6 =550. I hate when it’s compared to the top
BMW/Merc. Compare the tops to the tops please.

Connor Itani says:

it had me at V10

skyline4523 says:

This car is amazing! in my oopinion Audi alwasy out does themeslves, they
are very tastful, and elegant without boasting! This is exactly what it
claims to be

youmils03 says:

I’d much rather have an Audi S6 than a BMW 535i, Mercedes-Benz E550, and
Lexus GS460.

aikenforjeff says:

S6 avant would be the ultimate sleeper

Benz AMG says:

@skbuoy Actually is all way around.. here in my country every show off with
little money drives Audi you see them everyhere and its people who barely
know something about cars just like you.. Mercedes is really the best
E-Class is the benchmark for every luxury sedan made.. but it isnt easy to
afford one Im looking for an S6 cause the lack of income for a CLS.. ok now
tell me something.. you know why Audi doesn´t fit rear wheel drive in any
of its cars?? Think a little then answer.

Aaron Chung says:


lance lanceislike says:

audi seem to build cars just b/c they can afford to.. alot of their new
cars are an answer to something MB or bmw did…

lasda13 says:

What is the mpg city and highway?

Harman942 says:

i love this car

Precog1982 says:

On the fence…S6 or S8…

Benz AMG says:

@TheSteinerJ hope you drive de 2006-2008 s6… i respect that audi has been
all the way with its quattro, but actually the best awd systems had been
always from saab (sadly it went broke) but ok the Quattro its awesome, and
the FWD cars are just better than RWD in snow, so ok you couldnt choose
anything else to drive on snow. BUT what i dont understand why most people
defend audi in every dammit condition. its a good brand but cause the cars
they make…. it will never be the best

Nick Hatcher says:

also u roll down hills and theres no crawl which makes stop and go city
driving a real bitch iam not say the m5 is bad, its not by any means the
2009 S6 will be just as good though o and fucking i drive i mean come on
also the RS6 will be be amazing and i thought that lambo mad alot of the
engines for audi’s S cars

Nick Hatcher says:

this is the old one the new one is just as good also the m5 smg
transmission sucks

Benz AMG says:

@TheSteinerJ and most people think it is

8MunchenBayern8 says:

it’s not as good as an M5….Audi’s engines dont win engine awards like
BMW….and how is the SMG transmission bad? I guarantee youve never driven
one….they just dont like it because it jerks on down shifts and up
shifts….which is the best thing if you actually like driving. if not they
yeah…SMG is not good.

8MunchenBayern8 says:

you roll down because it is a TRUE manual with a clutch…thats why it
rolls…umm…and the RS6 is a VERY HEAVY CAR i believe that its even 200kg
heavier than the m5….

USAJuly4th1776 says:

Dude… Audis are just gorgeous cars.

TheNewMrCool says:

What are you trying to talk about? We aren’t talking about the upcoming M5
or the C6 RS6.

Benz AMG says:

The only reason that keeps me away from getting an S6 is that I don’t want
to look like all this people who doesn’t even know why this is THE ONLY
AUDI that worths buying.. come one take a book.. get under the hood..
before you talk senseless this is a car.. not a badge.. if it where the
badge it would be as crappy as its brothers

Acct1941 says:

That’s as may be, but the S6 still beat the V10 M5 in every single
comparison. How about that. The RS6 would blow that M5 away on an
unspeakable level.

adulby says:

beautiful vehicle. i like the high performance contrast between the
exterior. the “rolls royce effect”.

amerikanzero says:


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