Audi S6 Review

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The Smoking Tire takes the 2013 Audi S6 out for a blast through the Mulholland Canyons to see if downsizing its engine has taken away its fun factor. Hint: I…


Dylan Taylor says:

audi really stepped up there game since 2009

Adil Chawala says:

The only problem with this review is most of the time the camera is showing
you driving in this video.

nycbball8 says:

And if I’m wrong I will be trading my s6 for it!!

LonLeon Alios says:

What? it costs only $ 70,000?? it costs $ 200,000 in norway: (

Stephen Smith says:

“Further product is in review” – Yeah, it’s called the RS7. What a beast!
Still, I’m happy with my S6.

Castre Doss says:


nycbball8 says:

I love my s6 by the way!!!

nycbball8 says:

The rs6 is “NOT” coming to US shores ok!!!!! people need to do some
research and stop posting crap just for the heck of it.

demoheroni says:

Is Audi S6 only 70000 bucks over there? costs 50000 more in Japan…

Bad MoFO says:

Nice review…..but what is that annoying “pulsating” noise through the
whole clip?

abdi1983 says:

damn thats sexy

Heir says:

Squirrel almost ate it…

jagalarab says:

it costs as much as a new m5 does in lebanon

MrFunk says:

RS6 will have the V8 from the S8. That’s why it’s not in the S6…

G33kTech says:

MATT, Audi now claims the car goes 0-60 in 3.7!

peanuts2105 says:

Any true driver will say Audi’s are not ‘drivers’ cars. It’s for people who
think they are Lewis Hamilton but in reality are just a carpet shop owner
from Huddersfield. Want a fast car, buy a BMW or a Jaguar

maxou5757 says:

An RS6 is coming for 2014 !!! 4.0T making 560hp ! Cant wait to see it.

Richard Steen says:

A friend of mine has got the A6 BiTdi. 313 hp and 650 nm, It’s not really
the same “Sport-machine” as the S6, but it’s a stationswagon and it’s
actually a really cool and sporty car! It smokes the standard Porsche
Carrera! ;)

shmee150fan says:

quite* so now i think my spelling is totally OK.

FlightX101 says:

lol sure………

TheSmokingTire says:

The video was shot in September 2012, before the RS6 was announced.

؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُإإإ says:

agreed with u somehow but this add is to point out on performance and how
it drives more than interior and exterior cus i think they assume u should
have see it live to enjoy but not a video :-)… everything with them has a
purpose…check the name of the channel ;) cheeers

sukhy singh says:

can you guys do a review on the new M5?

frank arrogalla says:

bellissima! la voglio! sarà miaaaaa!

maxgrotti says:

We can drive Top Speed in Germany on the highway *_* iloveit

Tomislav Zvonimir says:

this car my friends

Mohammad Sadiqi says:

Whats the difference between a6 and s6?

kevind15 says:

as non-American I got to say: who cares?!

Abdulraheem Al-Kurdi says:


Vincent Hultsch says:

I love audi

b3n410 says:

It costs $170000 here in Australia….. Why :(

slpwlkr04 says:

those seats look amazing!

HesteBremse says:

LoL – That was a straight forward review ;)

Amidat says:

not sure why the RS6 is only coming in Avant so far… and only the RS7 is
coming to the US… i don’t see how it would cost them any more money since
they are bascially the same car. Just as the S6 and S7 are sold here…
There should be an RS6 sedan along with the RS7. I don’t get it. I love
wagons actually – but there should still be a sedan.

monacoer says:


Balefire says:

Does this video mean that the Tuned channel with Matt on drive is dead?

rajesh doddi says:

why do you start your videos directly with your demonstration, you have to
show the viewers the car interior and the exterior a little bit and then
drive the car and demonstrate. I really wanted to see the car interior and
the exterior in detail and also the baggage capacity of the car, so that
have an idea how the car is designed.

Hissmannen says:



RS5 felt a little dull, motor is great but you really have to rev it out to
get it moving. If I were to purchase a car for that money an M3 or a C63
would be a more engaging experience.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

It’s not a competitor. This is a rocketship saloon, those are rocketship
saloons with really good performance handling.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

A sleeper is a car that goes like a rocket(like pretty much all modernish S
cars) but is very unassuming, which this car is. Unless you know cars, that
S badge doesn’t mean shit.

heejin kim says:

정말 멋지다!!

flatblackbm says:

Matt, for a DD RS5 or 2013 650i?

NikoBell12 says:

Unless Audi is going to make an RS6 Sedan C7, I doubt we’ll get it. RS6
Sedan C6 sales weren’t what Audi were aiming for so I doubt they’ll be
continuing the sedan variants. They did that with the B8 RS4 and they never
sold it in the US. :(

MrFunk says:

The seats are not recarro

muler ross says:



that would be exclusive to some S&RS models only though. as a german i can
tell from experience and testing that VAG products are usually rather
overrated, and i don’t mean by consumers’ (fanboys) word of mouth and such.
in terms of power and mileage you’re lucky when you get close to what’s
advertised actually in most VAG brand outlets.

TheSmokingTire says:

This is a completely made up comment. I have never, nor would I ever, say
that to someone.

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