Audi S6 S7 S8 Test Drive & Luxury Sports Car Video Review

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Close The Audi S Model Line stands for high performance and Autobytel recently attended the 2013 Audi S Model laun…


Quyen Nguyen says:

Nice. It’s worth more than some people’s coop apartments in Westchester. 

Vitaliy Tarasenko says:
Paradiddle6 says:

This guy needs to get his hair fixed.

T.J. Keon says:

Ya’ damn skippy!

Michelle Naranjo says:

Actually, Emme Hall would love to have my job. As Editor-in-Chief of
Autobytel, I am the one who creates all of the editorial direction for
written and video content for Autobytel – including who gets to write
reviews, go on events and get press cars.

Paradiddle6 says:


TheParone says:

I guess 50/50 likes/dislikes speaks for itself…

KingPNW says:

It seems like the other host got sick so he called somebody’s esoteric aunt
to fill in for him.

outrigger777 says:

I’m sure these are very nice cars that are fun to drive, but Volvo is about
to come out with a 4 cylinder 2.0L turbocharged engine with horsepower
rumored to be close to 400HP. Kinda makes this engine seem like a dinosaur.
And Volvos don’t have the bloated price tag most German cars have.

Thomas Rosquin says:

there is still the Audi A8L (long wheelbase)

sedag100 says:


Mircea-Andrei Morar says:

my favourite car for ever. the review is poor in details but hey this is my

jonny5777 says:

Don’t like to be negative and i don’t care if its a man or a woman
reviewing but it has to offer more information that just reading the spec
list at the dealership. I prefer the S5 saloon looks best and is a bit

viergang says:

Michelle, I think you’re doing a great job here. I am continually amazed by
the manner in which you have blossomed into a competent, likable,
knowledgeable personality who connects in a unique and special manner with
your growing fan base. I wish you the very best. I’ll be watching your
videos with attention in the future!

leskoles says:

i agree

jim says:

there’s the RS7 now

weirdshibainu says:

love the cars ,horriblehorrible review . she should go back to Home
Shopping Network and review toaster ovens

conceptcs says:

i go with the S7

98Mpower says:

I’ll keep my 07 S6, the V10 sound is too addicting to trade it in. I just
wish the RS6 twin turbo V10 was available here in the states.

Johnny Cage says:

dont be ridiculous, I wouldnt be able to see them at all then

MrMorozovPavel says:

Ohhh, even if you ignore her annoying voice, american accent, and very poor
use of English language this ‘review’ is still awful. I mean, I have
nothing against ‘women getting into male’s field’, but you have to be
professional. I bet she is not even interested in cars and never heard
about RS2 for example. How can she transfer drivers emotions to the viewer
of this video? This is ridiculous.

speedygaurav7 says:

S6 is COMPACT??? this woman is on drugs… S7 has 4 seats so you dont have
to take your mother with you… She is horrible and so is the stupid

freshjnew says:

Yeah so what she isn’t super smooth with her delivery but her info is
accurate. Thats better than most of the people at car and driver can manage.

Kevin KC says:

ok is it me or “like” did she take away from what could have been a much
better review

Michelle Naranjo says:

Emme is extremely good. My point is that Autobytel wasn’t trying to find
someone to be Emme and I could care less that you think I suck. :-)

MrMaxyield says:

420!!..Audi knows what’s up!.. lol

Akiff Hssn says:

Audi is ze best!!

zhbroder says:


Carphile says:

at 2:10 someone has sex with the engine

Raymond Walls says:

OMG! I can’t wait to get my s8 later this month, the audi dealership called
and told me my s8 will arrive end of this month.

thomas backer says:

420 hp is a lot i know!! but the s7 should have more like 530 or something
cause it was originaly buildt as a sports coupe and has the same hp nr, the
same torque and the same newton meters as the s6 wich originaly is a
regulare sedan and avant. so i hope u see what i mean cause i do like audi
a lot, much more than bmw,mercedes jag and so on. and i heard the rs6 would
be released with 600 to 650 hp but they say now it will come with only 550
hp or something?! that is very disapointing!!!

gil zur says:

Bring Ron insted but shes not fat lol

Thomas Rosquin says:

its the new rage with luxury, its not masking the sound its more like
offsetting the noise. Heck the BMW M5 actually creates fake sound

PussMag says:

can you just call S7 = S6 GT like BMW did? after all they are just hatch
vs. trunk, no?

TheParone says:

Are you kidding? It wasn’t great anyways but, she’s SO bad.

Tomthebombish says:

Saabkyle much better vicky butler Henderson in England is miles better

poooooow says:

audi = all look the same

Banditen1987 says:

How come he says that the S8 is the most powerfull sedan ever? Isnt the RS6
C6 sedan the most powerfull?

Johnny Cage says:

omg which is which, theyre all the same!!!

pedrof830 says:

Why the need for all these electronics to mask sound? is sound deadening so
damn expensive?

Ryan Hochrad says:

doesnt matter what your job is, Emme Hall is the best female reviewer on
the internet.

Andreı Ct says:

what the fuck there`s a women who drivee those beasts..

Rafael Bellarmini says:

WTF,it’s a car or what?u need so much luxury in that thing,better to buy an
apartment for example..holly crap,we need cars nowadays for what:for
driving or for sitting down in the car’s luxury seat..?

nyak63RUS says:

One of the least refined automotive videos I’ve ever seen….

roadflytv says:

HEY! Anyone caught hatin’ on my colleague and pal Michelle will get a GT500
driven right up their keister! Talking about cars on camera while driving
or trying to hit your mark during stand up is way more difficult than you
think. I’m flattered that some of you like my videos, but remember Michelle
is a total gearhead, who has forgotten more driving impressions than most
of us will ever be lucky enough to have. Word. -Emme@RoadflyTV

Ryan Hochrad says:

i think they were trying to find someone as good as emmy hall from
roadfly…thats never going to happen she is too good and this chick sucks

MrCleanPolo says:

The Audi lineup is looking better than ever. They took over BMW and
Mercedes-Benz in my opinion.

cbaccus2 says:

This new woman is a like a younger Jean Jennings.

Ge0vone says:

Don’t like the way the s7 looks

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