Audi S8 vs BMW Alpina B7! – Head 2 Head Episode 19

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On this episode of Head 2 Head Jonny Lieberman finds out which plus size super sedan is king of the hill. Can the rear-wheel drive BMW Alpina B7 take on the …


Martin Thomson says:

crap paintjob though(or wrap),on beemer

Xboxlove1 says:

I love BMW but who would ever choose the b7 over an audi s8 :S

Alexander Vakulenko says:

anyone know what’s happening with BMW quality these days? whats going on?

Mahendra Dinata says:

both car is nothing compared by S Class, especially S63 W222.

crni195 says:

if i can pick any car that exists it would go like this;
1:M3 E92 Orange
2:S8 2014.
Nissan gtr alpha 12

An Aaron says:

BMW is not only bullshit moving wheels it also has this ugly as fuck hippo
styled nose grilles. I’m still a fan of BMW cars from the 80s-90s though.

johnny rex says:

BMW/Alpina: Truth in Lying & False Advertising.
Audi: Truth in Understeering & Overachieving.

Audi USA says:

The ultimate head-to-head: #S8 vs. #BMW Alpina B7.

Suffice to say, +Motor Trend Magazine clocks the S8 0-60 at 3.5 and takes
this comparison in a landslide.

#thingsslowerthananS8? Everything. 

MrSockenloch says:

Audi is much sexier than the Alpina.

Alexander Stokholm says:

Great review great Audi

Johnywocker BULGARIA says:

audii <3

BFD15i says:

Nice video but you should get your facts right befor doing a video. Alpina
is not a “tuner”, it’s an exclusive manufacturer. They distribute their
cars with the BMW dealers. That is probably the reason they’re called
BMW-Alpina in the U.S. But that does not change the facts. They change
around 90% of all engine-parts, develop their own chassis, etc.
Relating to the dyno-test: Over here in Germany Audi is (by now) known
pretty good for “spicing up” their test-cars. In combination with the 4WD
it’s not surprising that the S8 wins the 1/4 mile.
Just a little surprise for the Alpina for lacking horsepower.

Kobe B says:

S63 and S65, everybody else are just followers, always has been,always will

ki flex says:

LMAO… haha i like how he said ..he’s now a fanboy of audi’s ….

Motor Trend Magazine says:

Watch the ultimate super sedan showdown as the +Audi USA S8 and +BMW USA Alpina
B7 face off on the newest episode of Head 2 Head. Which sedan would you
rather have?

Read more:

Audi For Life says:

In case you needed a reminder on why the +Audi USA S8 has been called, “The
Boss,” check out this video by +Motor Trend Magazine.

montgomery scott says:

The ultimate head-to-head: #S8 vs. #BMW Alpina B7.

Suffice to say, +Motor Trend Magazine clocks the S8 0-60 at 3.5 and takes
this comparison in a landslide.

#thingsslowerthananS8? Everything. 

Benjamin Fröhlich says:

…cool contest!

Andy Kaladjian says:

I HATE AUDI! I DONT KNOW WHY? I am 100,000,000% with the Alpina

Ms45forlife says:

Never allow an American to do a review on Europe car, they just read the
manua, the reason the audi has the advantage in 1/4 mile is cause of the
Quattro and thats way its front heavy, the s8 is the top of the line,

BMW M says:

why the Alpina i think you should take the 760li

wildman261 says:

BMW…all i will say.LOL

Scott Campbell says:


1. bmw
2. audi
3. mercedes

enough said

Keyes Audi says:

Clash of the V8 Twin-Turbo Titans… 2013 Audi S8 vs. BMW Alpina B7!

Chris T says:

I applaud Audi for finally delivering a car that everyone says bests its
BMW rival. 

Aaron Lara says:

What Car would you Go for? Audi S8 or BMW Alpina B7 Comment what Car
You Like Best.

Ján Grauzel says:

BMW sucks…. only RWD…

mrillyrian88 says:

BMW all day baby!

Dan47702 says:

These ads down the page are a fucking joke you cant hear the video over
them and youtube obviously know were gonna be watching videos stop being so
greedy for ad revenue google

ElectricWindows says:

I hate Audi, ugly cars would never buy one. BMW only for me.

James Walton says:

Not that I could afford either one of those cars, but If I could it would
be the Audi s8. And not because of this head to head. But it just looks way

Darjan Platinovšek says:

How the… How the hell can it be so fast?

Sam Tavs says:

My two best cars!!

andrew brady says:

Jonny, your math is wrong. 20% drivetrain loss means that if the dyno says
100hp the engine must put out 125hp. This is elementary.

Aldo López says:

+Christopher Dilks 

Denis S. says:

BMW 7 would be a good looking car if it wasn’t the ugly tail lights and
oversized kidneys. The other series also have issues with the design:
inelegantly overdone bumpers, excessively chaotic lines, ugly tail lights
again, etc. What’s wrong with you, BMW? What have you done with the classy
beauty I have loved for so many years?

Bryce yogy says:

The beemer is to slow compared to its rivals. What there missing is the MB
S63 and possibly the panemera turbo s

Alex Kurbatov says:

Alpina is the best!

Audi For Life says:

+Audi USA S8 vs BMW Alpina B7. Guess which one got the nod? :)

31reggiemiller1 says:

torque doesnt really matter, as a matter of fact it on cars this heavy it,
heavy torque most likely leads to wild handling

Best Car Shops says:

Audi S8 vs BMW Alpina B7

Audi S8 at $140,000 is not yet available in the United States

alisina russianweapons says:

bmw all the way

Carlos Rojas says:

As always Jonny you are amazing doing cars reviews 

John Hyun says:

Well.. its hard to compare with how much money Audi spends on their r&d so
it isn’t a surprise that most manufacterers are following more of Audi’s
models. Ill use their 2.0lt engines as case and point. Audi is overpowered
compared to ratings while bmw overestimates…. sounds just like the
personality of the drivers.

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