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The Audi TT is one of the most popular sports cars on sale, and with its trendy interior, the latest version is going to be another hit. Find us on Facebook:…


Sandouras says:

Those touch screens on the vents are so awesome! 

MS says:

Mat Watson is much better than this journalist.

Rui Valente says:

I have to say that these reviews are mediocre. The evaluation is laughable.
Audi TT gets an 8/10 on SPACE? ???? If it is because of the interior
quality, why don’t you add a score in Quality?
Very vague tests… and that camera is always shaking!

Afif Martini says:

So you can put a heavy bag and a couple of lighter bags in the boot ??!!
are we measuring the space in the boot or its ability to carry heavy things
?! Man we are here because we love cars , and i have a feeling that you
love cakes much more than you do for cars . How can i enjoy the review if
the reviewer doesn’t.

niksarass says:

9/10 in affordability? YOU SERIOUS???

Tom Macgillivray says:

Mmm cake? Definition of cringeworthy right there

hyylo says:


david dykeman says:

I would have it one way and one way only as the TT RS. It will come

etbadaboum says:

The front looks amputated.

Telegraph Cars says:

How good is the new Audi TT? We find out in our latest video review!

niksarass says:

Audis are unreliable according to reliability index

david dykeman says:

The rear seats are a waste however needed in order to reduce insurance
premiums. As a four seater the rates are cheaper than a 2 seater.

Carl Tics says:

Good review thanks. I see many people question affordability and talk of
Porsche. To them I say do as I did. Add full leather interior, climate etc
etc and check on the price at the end of it.
Tried a boxter and even cayman. I went tin this first though and couldn’t
stop thinking about it, nothing on the market like this car. Driving the
Porsche seams so outdated when you’ve driven one of these.
Each to their own though, I love it. 

Alberto Benelli says:

“Sportscars” such as this audi tt ( not super cars ) are down on sales 50%
among major car manufacturers , and you can see why . Here in Europe ,
people have less money , and if they do, now they are more “cautious” and
why would you spend such money amount for a car where you cannt seat 4
adults, with a Diesel engine , while you can buy say a golf gt for less
money, more space, same engine ? Apart for this, I have to say this car is
pretty dull , too high from ground, and perhaps looks less aggressive and
special than first generation . And the reviewer , the music, are terrible
. What a dull package .

pipcannon says:

Never liked this car and still don’t. Would rather have any of the other VW
group products that have twice the space for half the price and all the
same bits underneath. 

Mint Berry says:

The standard for “perfect” was reduced to 9/10 for this review.

Aristotelis Mitsiou says:

supposed to be rebecca’s turn… (btw. couldn’t they just mount the camera
on the dash? the image is all shaky) 

theZombieSlayerSxg says:

Can we see the Peugeot RCZ? In particular the RCZR?Thanks and great review
as always :)

Best Gift Company says:

“Hmmmmm caaaake’ ? 

Ian Marshall says:

I enjoy these car reviews, but its unnecessary to judge all cars but the
same criteria. Eg, judging a sports car on space or a people carrier on
driveability is a waste of time. Its fine to tell us about those issues
but dont score the car on factors that most people wont take into account
when buying it.

TheKmc121 says:

This guy has as much personality as a spoon.
The ‘Mmm cake’ Homer reference was a brilliant attempt to be down with the
kids tho. Alas it was about 15 years out of fashion. 

h3nry6556 says:

8/10 for space? really? you could barely fit in the back seats.. 8/10..
much wow..

Neo Racer says:


Aegon VI Targaryen says:

Never understood this car , as a sports car this fails big time in my eyes
and diesel engine really !?

ahwai82 says:

the only thing i like is the interior

on the outside it look sharper than the old TT but still not my cup of tea

Gordon Ritchie says:

Not so sure about residuals… On the Audi UK website they have a PCP deal
showing an on the road price of: £30,405 and a final payment (residual
value) of £15,371 … not exactly great…

Smccormack says:

give me a megane rs anyday, cheaper and easily more fun to drive

TheBendalina says:

2lt diesel! It’s not a sports car. 

234b5463 24fh73j says:

This honkey is boring as fuck

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