Audi TT car review – Top Gear – BBC

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Jeremy takes the Audi TT out for a spin, that is if he can first decide on what to wear. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos:…


Ryukachoo says:

so apparently this thing, at least the 2001 version, was extremely
reliable, and if you keep it changed often with full synthetic oil the
engine will hum away forever. It even handles well and has a legitimate
hatch back like a scion Tc or acura integra…..
but good lord, it just SCREAMS hair dresser car

bowlofarthritus says:

The TT looks like nothing more than a VW bug on steroids. That’s all

SacreDro says:

I have an A4 and I find the TT a very nice car and good looking too.

trainzandtrombones says:

He takes the piss out of the double-clutch, but now audi is leading the
market with it.

Marco Benigni says:

plus the Mercedes-Benz costs 3000 WHICH IS SOOO MUCH FOR THAT LOL 

moha moh says:

I love 

Iwona Łaska says:

TT small but crazy :-)

Adam Grayman says:

I owned one, sadly I crashed it, but I gotta say I loved that car more than
I could love a woman lol

Hugo Perez says:

Little big planet song :)

WhiteSlift says:

So why doesn’t Clarkson like the TT ?

nick maycock says:

my buddy delivery drives in a 2001 tt 1.8t. fastest driver there is

Daniel Faber Threms says:

I sold my 2000 TT Roadster 225 HK 3 years ago. Misses it every day. Since
then i have had. 330M3, Volvo V70, Corsa OPC, Antara 4×4 and now Opel
Insignia sport tourer.
When the kids can ride a bike over 10 km. im bying my 2000 TT roadster
back,,,,And they are gonna get some fresh air.

themysterykid1 says:

I’m American but I like this top gear out of all of them 

Uthpala Bandara says:

Marco Benigni says:

dude he thinks the Mercedes-Benz is better then the Audi TT problems?! The
Audi has a very good engine by the way your asking too much for that car OK
I know the bad thing it costs 3000 pounds or something thats to much but
its a good car

VikGan says:

The music at 3:02 and 5:35 is “Bottoms Up” by Hermann Egger from the album
“Cocktail Lounge”. Listen to it at Bottoms Up – by Hermann Egger – from the
album Cocktail Lounge. Great car, great music !!!

J Groves says:

Any idea what the tune at 5:32 is called???

Shobin Drogan says:

don’t worry, i don’t drive a fiat panda and two, a fiat panda is less gay
than a car named after breasts. and three im not “”jelaous”" (whatever that
means) especially with your unmatched level of ignorance, there is nothing
for me to be jealous about. Did you look back at your comment before you
posted and thought “yup, that looks about right”? because you actually
managed to terrify me. i cant believe im living on the same planet with
someone as idiotic as you…Wow.

Tony M says:

amazing.. I’ve just bought a white push bike.. People always ask me to get
out of the way.

Jamie Hasted says:

Single Turbo, Except the one one in the vid is the VR6 3.2.

The Lone Wanderer says:

Y’know..that game that you posted on your channel…

thander28210 says:

stating that the beetle isnt gay (the new one)

Troy Donahue says:

TopGear is such a great place to want to learn about cars tought by these
creative masterminds!

tomh197 says:

2:45 Hi i got an audi TT

Project Planes says:

How the fuck do they not know what it is called. It has 4 huge rings on the
front, everyone knows that it is an Audi. Anyway. White is nice, I bet
people have started to key it a bit. People do it to my car.

TheCompyshop says:

The new 2013 TTRS looks badass. The old TT like in the video kind of looks
like a girls car to be honest. That’s not to say it’s a bad car though,
because it isn’t.

MrInvisibleEdge says:

Littlebigplanet music

harlemkiid149 says:

car is ugly

Jamie Hasted says:

So much hate for a good car, even today it can put “Hot” hatches in its
place. And the Audi 1.8T engine is considered to be one of their best

knightm27 says:

golf in a posh frock

Jamie Khan says:

No, it looks like the older hot big sister of the beetle, who happens to be
a total queer.

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