Audi TT coupe car review

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The Audi TT is more interactive and sports car-like than it ever has been, says Editor-In-Chief Jon Quirk. Combine that with the dazzling cabin, the everyday usability and strong residual values…


Panos Proussis says:

worst review evah!

Gordon Ritchie says:

I’ve also been told some of the early dealer demos come with strange specs.
I don’t think yours had B&O speakers but did have the fancy climate
control. I think you can only order both together with the sound and
comfort pack. Another bugbear is you need the full Audi Connect option
(wifi hotspot) just to get sat nav!

Really good review tho, you covered a lot about the car. 

Colin Fitzjohn says:

What about the oil consumption problem with TFSI engines?

Gordon Ritchie says:

No, it gets Alcantara as standard, but agree, rest of the spec is miserably

TheBendalina says:

Front great! Rear nasty.

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