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ahmed mido says:

4:21 omg, your hands and fingers are away from being feminine
where is REBECCA !!!

Shift4g says:

Are you tards going to compare the female reviewers every video?! I mean
seriously, every video…

TuRkIsHxKeBaBzZ says:

What’s she going on about?
Audi always have the same boring interiors across all their range and not
much has changed from cars in the 2000 apart from technology.
Mercedes and BMW my pick, got the look on the outside and inside.

sid says:

it was very good review! Keep it up!

mipmipmipmipmip says:

This instrument panel navigation is pretty and all, but can you navigate
with it from the passenger seat? When driving in unknown places it’s often
useful when the passenger looks at the map and the driver minds the road.
Or am I the only one who does this?

Onoff314 says:

The difference between this lady and rebecca/matt is that she does not
review the cars, she just reads spec sheets and seems to glorify each model
she ‘reviews’. Btw the original audi TT was critcised for looking great and
not having the performance or driving characteristics that matched the
looks.. was never a performance vehicle

Tomskii5 says:

Why do I have an issue with a woman telling me specs I could’ve just looked
up on the Audi website. There is like nothing she says that actually makes
me think she wrote it and experienced it that way.

jaxxsunErie says:

Here is my two cents. Rebecca is more of the “cute girl” type most boys
like and some men never got over. And this “Woman” is just not that. Not
high school cute or university pretty. She is what is called a “Milf”.
Slightly older in very good shape after having maybe a kid or two. Let’s
give her a break. Let her get settled in to the new job. Before you throw
stones. If you really hate her. Just don’t tune in. 

F355 says:

I criticized Ginny on her Opel Adam video but I liked this one. As long as
the reviewer does not take a demeaning manner towards the car and sprinkles
some humane viewpoints next to the specs, I am happy with the review and
this is exactly what she did in this video. I think we all should give her
a break instead of looking for faults.

tokekkk says:

Should do more interior shots, since it’s a total revolution of design from
That jet engine looking AC vents and controls just shown around 3 seconds,
with awkward angle where you cant see the LCD of the controls, pity…

Luke Mallory says:

This review, though very professional and polished, felt like something
from 1998. Just like the car.

Eric M says:

Why would anyone buy a FWD Audi?

TDUsafiro says:

The exhaust outlets are just way too centered…

FrightfulAccountant says:

Like this one a lot more then I did the first one. this is morel ike the
80s Quattro and less like a stretched out VW New Beetle :p

Smiler Online says:

Terrible looking car… Every year Audi appear to become more squared/flat
in their design, losing some of that European curved beauty and becoming
more Americanized in design language. To see what I mean just simply look
at the back end of the Audi A3 models and look at how all they appear to
have done is get a hammer to it and flatten it out more with each model.

il Pirata says:

STUPENDA, oggi l’ ho vista dal vivo ed è ancora meglio!!

Lord Staind says:

Bring back Rebecca and her bananas please. This lady is old and boring!!!

dipro001 says:

I want Rebecca back! She is an awful reviewer.

MZ z says:

did rebecca quit or something?

targa florio says:

Can’t get my eyes off the fantastic looking Belstaff jacket. lol

Diego Costa says:

has Matt disappeared with Rebecca?

Glacielfire says:

I’m willing to give her a chance. She reminds me a bit of Suzi Perry.
However from 02:41 she looks like she’s reading from a spec sheet taped to
the steering wheel!

Luka Bohar says:

+Carbuyer People, I don’t know if you can remember this, but I can because
I had been a CarBuyer subscriber for a very long time now. When Rebecca
appeared for the first time on Carbuyer videos, the hate towards her was
awful. So Ginny, don’t worry too much about the stupid comments and the
dislikes. They will fade with time and then people are gonna love you, as
it was with Rebecca. You are a great reviewer! And best regards to the
whole team, you make great videos ;)
P.S.: Please review the new Mazda cars (2, 6, CX-3 and CX-5) and also the
new Volvo XC90! Thanks!

Leo Nidas says:

4:21 What the hell happen to that finger? G-zus!!! She seems that is not a
real lady as she claims to be!



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